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Eyes are one of the five sensory organs and undoubtedly the most important. Often, after a hard day at work, your eyes feel sore and stressed out. Here are some natural ways to relieve their stress within no time.

Natural ways to de-stress your eyes:

Everyone is constantly on the lookout for natural ways to substitute medicines. Nobody wants to go around popping different pills for different ailments every day. Hence, it becomes essential to find natural and organic ways to cure ailments. Listed below are some natural and economic ways to reduce strain on the delicate organ, the eyes.

  • Castor oil: Castor oil is essentially a vegetable oil which is obtained from the castor bean seed. It is said to be a boon because of its numerous benefits to the eyes. For those who experience discomfort due to dry eyes, castor oil provides the necessary lubrication so that your eyes remain moist for a long time. It is also effective in dissolving early cataract formation. The oil is quite cooling in nature and thus, apart from relieving stress on the eyes, it reduces any burning sensation, redness and inflammation that may occur. It also reduces the formation of dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

  • Cucumber: Cucumbers are one of the best natural eye pads that you can find. It eliminates puffiness in your eyes caused due to either lack of sleep or simply a long day at work. It is also said to prevent the occurrence of dark circles. Apart from this, it also moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin around your eyes and the antioxidants present in it fights ageing effectively. Place cucumber pads on your eyes at night and wake up to your eyes feeling happy and relaxed. A cucumber toner also works in the same way.

  • Coconut oil: Coconut oil is not just beneficial for your skin and hair but also works wonders for your eyes. Massaging a couple of drops of the oil under your eye before bed time will moisturize your skin and also, the Vitamin E present in the oil which is said to have anti-inflammatory properties will reduce swelling and puffiness of the eye and thus helps in relieving stress. It can also be mixed with almond oil for added benefits.

  • Cold compress: Use a cold compress to press down lightly on your cheeks, eyebrows and eyelids which cools down the eyes and completely eliminates strain on the eye muscles. A hot water pack also works in the same fashion if a cold compress is unavailable.

All in all, these simple procedures and products can soothe the muscles of your eyes, make you feel refreshed and give you the energy to tackle a new day!


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