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Nowadays there is an increased trend of eating highly processed and refined foods. The processing and refining destroys a lot of the nutritional value of the food items and as a result we are not able to get the required nutrition from these foods. Along with this, there is also the case of people living increasingly hectic lives. This in turn does not allow them to eat a home cooked and balanced diet as more and more people rely on fast food which is devoid of nutrition. This is the reason that dietary supplements become necessary in order to make up for the lack of nutrition in our daily diet. Let us look at some popular and well known dietary supplements.

Spirulina powder

This is a blue green algae which is a complete health food as it contains all the 46 essential nutrients which the human body requires. It is hundred percent alkaline in nature and it is a gluten free green food which is rich in protein and vitamin B 12. Both these compounds are necessary for people who rely on a vegetarian diet as these are usually less in this type of diet.

This powder also contains large amounts of beta carotene which protects the cells from damage. On the other hand there is gamma linolenic acid which helps in controlling the level of cholesterol in the blood and prevents heart disease. This powder also contains large amounts of polynutrients like carotenoids. Spirulina powder helps in weight loss and boosts the immunity while it also eliminates toxic metals like mercury and lead from the body.

Wheat grass powder

Health conscious people are now looking for highly nutritious health food supplements which help in maintaining the proper functioning of the body. These nutrients also help in the prevention of some serious diseases like heart disease, hypertension etc. Wheat grass powder is one of the popular dietary supplements which helps in regulating the bowel functions. It also helps in the formation of red blood cells and acts as a natural remedy for diabetes. It can be easily added to your edible food as well as drinks like juices etc. It will boost your energy levels and increase your strength and stamina along with helping in the quickening of weight loss. It also acts as a detoxifying agent and helps in maintaining the blood cholesterol levels.

Green coffee bean extract

The extract of green coffee beans is usually available in the form of capsules. These beans are not roasted and are very different from regular coffee beans. This is because during the process of roasting the natural fat burning properties and health benefits of coffee beans are destroyed. Green coffee beans extract capsules contain chlorogenic acid which is a natural fat burner as it helps in reducing the fat absorption of the body.

On the other hand it enhances the functioning of the hormone adiponectin which burns fat and hence helps in maintaining overall healthy weight level. The other benefits of green coffee beans help in reducing hypertension, controlling blood sugar levels and managing bowel movements. It also contains Vitamin E which has well known health benefits.

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