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We have all been there at least once in our lifetimes. One reason or another has eventually caused us all to labour over the commode. And though these causes might have been different, one thing we all can agree on- Constipation is not pleasant. And it is much less funnier than as it is usually depicted in popular media. Scroll down to find out about the various different natural remedies that can rescue you and ease bowel movement.

Rescue officer #1- Lemon

Lemon is not only easy on the nose, but also, according to popular studies, on the stomach. Lemon is widely known for its purifying capacities and is also a stimulant of the gut. Just mix some lemon in your green tea or warm water. Add a little salt and/or honey or whatever helps you ease it down your throat. It will instantly relax you, and with some luck, your rectum as well.

Rescue officer #2- Olive oil

This Mediterranean flavour is not just healthy. It can also work wonders to your constipated gut. Its greasy nature coats the digestive system and allows digested food to pass through it with little resistance. If you cannot just swallow a teaspoon of olive oil on an empty stomach, add some oil to your coffee and gulp it down. Gulp it down quickly because you might have to rush to the bathroom soon.

Rescue officer #3- Fibre

Fibre is extremely important in your diet. It absorbs water in your stomach, expands to occupy more space and turns your stools soft. Eating lentils, oats and raw fruits will is definitely a great idea if you suffer from uncomfortable bowel movement.

Rescue Officer #4- Coffee

And now you have another reason to drink your favourite beverage. Coffee is a natural stimulant of the digestive system. Drinking a cup or maybe two will help relax you and relieve the constipation pains, but have a little care. If you drink too much, coffee can actually cause you more pain. When consumed in excess, coffee acts as a diuretic and absorbs the water from the gut and is released as urine. This means less water to your stools and that means more hard work in the morning.

Rescue Officer #5- Regular exercise

Sweating it out has many health benefits and healthy bowel movement is one of them. Exercise doesn’t have to mean long hours at the gym; it could be a simple walk for about half an hour. It’s always great if you can take up a sport as a hobby because that is a great way of rejuvenating yourself, clearing off toxins and keeping fit.

Healthy bowel movement is a sign of a healthy life. Browse through Joy by nature to find out about more products that can help you lead a healthy life!


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