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Digestive problems have become as common as cold in the recent times and a lot of it comes from our poor diet and lifestyle conditions. Eating out has changed from a luxury to an absolute necessity for a vast majority of the world population today. An added cause is the lack of exercise in many cases and the unwillingness or lack of time to do so. However, you need not pop a pill every time you feel bloated – there are in fact many simple solutions to avoid indigestion and many of them are natural.

Avoiding Indigestion in Your Day to Day Life

The first thing to understand is that the human body performing digestion is like any other machine doing its daily chore. Similar to a machine which needs grease on its different parts to function smoothly is the digestive system which also needs its supportive elements in order to perform well. Any signs of indigestion such as gas, acidity  and the like are symptoms to indicate that the system is facing troubles in performing its function properly and might not essentially be something alarming. Here is what you can do on an everyday basis to avoid indigestion:

  • Maintain a fixed time for all your meals which can vary from half an hour to forty five minutes but not more
  • Not eat anything heavy post 8-9 pm – this allows your digestive system to relax before breakfast the next morning
  • Drinking less water during meals allowing the enzymes to work better and drinking more water throughout the day to keep your system hydrated
  • Avoiding sitting or lying down immediately after a meal, especially a heavy one – talking a casual stroll instead
  • Starting meals with salads and ending with meat so that there is never a scope to overeat
  • Keeping a check on bowel movement and ensuring that it is smooth and regular since the lack of it can be a sign of indigestion.

Natural Ingredients to Aid during Digestive Problems

On one hand are these day to day checks to be performed and on the other are natural ingredients which can help you. Most of these aren’t medicines in the traditional sense of the term but are items which just support your digestive system without any side effects or creating dependence. While these can be elements in your diet which just keep your body fit such as fibrous food which ensure smooth movement of bowel, it can also be age old tasty, yet useful products such as Churans or Churnas. While not everybody needs such supportive measures on a regular basis, you must include something supportive for your digestive system in your diet every day. Click here to find out what Joy by Nature has in store for the betterment of your health.


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