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Immune system is very important for maintaining the health of a person. It helps to prevent fight infection and diseases. Some foods, like Tea, Yogurt, Garlic and Sweet Potato help to boost it.  Immunity is extremely important for survival. The immunity system of our body fights unknown viruses and diseases that enter our body and further helps to cure the same. It is therefore important to boost the immune system  to minimize the threat of such diseases, if not complaining avoid them. Apart from exercising, adopting a healthy diet which will help improve your immunity is also very essential. The following foods will help you to kick start your immunity system. it is very important for maintaining the health of a person.

  1. Organic Supplements

Eat organic supplements as prescribed, because they have exact number of vitamins that you need to have for an active immune system. 

  1. Vitamin D 

People with more vitamin D have been found to be less prone to diseases. Eat foods that contain Vitamin D like fish and eggs or take Vitamin D supplements. 

  1. Yogurt

Yogurt has probiotics which keep the intestines free of germs. It stimulates white bloods cells and helps the immune system do its job

  1. Tea 

Tea, both black and green, contains Amino Acids which also help the immune system fight different kinds of viruses and keeps us healthy.

  1. Fiber

Eating oats, fruits with fiber and barley helps fight germs as they are anti-oxidant and anti-microbial. 

  1. Chicken Soup 

While the chicken is being cooked, it releases amino acids. It therefore helps the immune system fight and cure influenza. If you have a bad cold, chicken soup will come to your rescue!

  1. Garlic

Garlic helps to fight infection and bacteria as it contains allicin. People who consume garlic regularly have been shown to be two-thirds less prone to cold and a lower rate of colorectal cancer. 

  1. Sweet potato

Sweet Potato helps keeps our skin healthy and strong. We forget our skin while we think about our immunity. But skin acts as a wall between the viruses and bacteria and our organs. It is therefore very important to keep our skin immune and strong too!

  1. Vitamin C

Citrus Fruits are the main source of vitamin c. Indulge in fruits like oranges and mangoes to complete the body’s requirement for the vitamin.

These foods will help you boost your immune system to prevent and fight diseases. You can also make tasty food recipes from foods helping your immunity.

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