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-Drink water in plenty

The digestion of food begins from the moment we take the first bite be take off it. But we can enhance this process by following some simple steps. This will ensure proper extraction of nutrients and minerals which can then be more effectively utilized by the body for various activities.

 Water helps to dissolve food and helps in proper generation of salivary amylase. Right amount of water intake can help the body to stay hydrated by which kidney, liver and pancreas can function at their full capacity and stay healthy. Even including coconut water in your diet can have benefits like eliminating waste from the body easily, thereby, easing the digestion process.

-The healthy bacteria-Probiotic

Yes, they are healthy bacteria that can aid in proper digestion. It promotes in a healthy gut which in turns improves the food absorption process.So, probiotics are very necessary.


-Chew it well

According to a research for the proper digestion of food to occur, it must be chewed well. And if it has to be quantified then 32 in number should be enough to get you started.

-Time the fruit and have its juices too

It is advised by dieticians that fruits must be taken on an empty stomach or before any meals. Following this simple step can help to extract all the benefits from the fruit that you eat. Having Jamun Juice in your diet can boost you digestion.

-Have a balanced diet

Balance is the essence of life. One should try to maintain proper balance in food by having requisite amount of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Having salad and fiber rich products is very essential for a complete diet for e.g. cucumber can ease in bowel movement. Avoid junk food as much as possible as it puts excessive pressure on the digestive system to extract the nutrients.

-Never sleep on an empty stomach

Timing is very crucial when it comes to maintaining one’s body. Each individual has a natural body clock which gets disturbed when we eat at irregular intervals. Also, if we sleep on an empty stomach we are putting our body through an improper sleep. So, one should time eating patterns too. Avoid munching if possible as it put excess load on the digestive system as it is working round the clock.

-Keep the liver healthy

Avoid alcoholic beverages as they can liver sclerosis. To maintain your liver in proper shape you can take Liv60 tablets and include them in your diet.

By following these few healthy habits one can revitalize the digestive system and have healthy body. Only in a healthy body, a sound mind resides..Click here to browse more varieties that JBN has in store for you.


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