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One of the most common ailments, diabetes  is not easy to cope with. While mostly caused by lifestyle and unhealthy living, in some cases it is caused by genetic factors. 

An easy way to assess whether you are genetically liable to diabetes is to look for it in your family’s medical history. If your parents had it, chances are good that you will too.

Tips to prevent diabetes

While coping with diabetes is not quite so simple, it can easily be prevented by following a regulated diet. Here’s how you can prevent diabetes through an organic diet.

  • Eat natural: most processed foods contain added preservatives and other substances for taste. To prevent diabetes the easiest method is to eat only organic food. Also, this helps avoid unnecessary weight gain which in turn becomes a risk factor.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking. Although an occasional drink may do no harm, avoid smoking at any cost. Alcohol causes blood sugar levels to drop dramatically which may aggravate or precipitate diabetes.
  • Use other sweeteners. If you are a sweet tooth, switch over to sugar free products that use other sweeteners to give you the same taste without the harmful effects.

  • Take blood purifiers. Organic blood purifiers like bitter gourd (karela) help purify your blood keeping diabetes away. If you are unable to consume these directly, invest in organic supplements which are readily available.



  • Avoid stress. Stress has been directly linked to diabetes in a large number of cases. Also, stress causes over-eating which ultimately leads to obesity and diabetes.
  • Exercise daily. Set a comfortable exercise routine for yourself. This helps in good blood circulation and avoiding diabetes.
  • Eat a fruit every day. Consume at least one fruit every day. The benefit of fruit eating to prevent diabetes is many fold:
  1. The natural glucose in fruits are easier to break down
  2. The fibers in fruits prevent over eating
  3. Fruits have necessary vitamins that help maintain your health.
  • Manage your weight. Wieght control is an important part of avoiding diabetes. Ensure that you don’t gain too much weight. To do this, it is important to be aware of the food choices you make and whether or not they contribute to weight gain.

Diabetes is easy enough to prevent. With the right discipline and diet it can easily be avoided. Make the right choices now before it’s too late. Take steps to ensure your diet remains organic. Even if you are not prone to diabetes, it does not hurt to be safe! Try Organic diets today to improve your health. Click Here to check out more options on how to control and prevent diabetes.


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