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There are many types of acne, depending on skin types and degree of severity. Acne is a common skin problem which affects nearly everyone. One should not freak out if they get acne, as it is treatable via medicinal application. Knowledge of acne might help you in getting rid of it in a much effective way. Check out some organic remedies.

What is acne and what causes it?

Beneath the skin, there are many sebaceous glands which contain hair follicles and glands oils. When you hit puberty, you make more level of these oils also called sebum which makes your skin look greasy and causes acne. The hormonal change during puberty initiates a change of complex process which results in saturation of sebum and inflammation of the skin. Some organic remedies.

Types of acne

  • Mild to moderate: Some pores of the human skin gets blocked due to hormonal change and dead skin or dirt gets accumulated in it to form a rough bumpy patch on the skin. Usually the acne does not progress after the mild stage. Using an effective skin care product is necessary to cut the acne in its bud. 
  • Moderate to severe: Sometimes a germ called Propionibacterium acnes feast on the collected sebum in the skin pores causing severe inflammation of skin due to the immune system trying to counteract its effects. The skin gets discolored and larger spots become visible if not treated immediately. 

Acne treatment: What to do?

  • Consult a dermatologist: Consulting a dermatologist is very important before applying any type of product on your face. Everyone has a different type of skin and therefore need different kind of medication. Do not go for skin products which your neighbor bought, this is not a competition. 
  • Say yes to organic products: Yes, naturally occurringingredients present in organic products do not harm your skin in any way. They clear out the acne faster if applied regularly. Check out organic products 
  • Refrain from make-up: Too much make-up can accelerate acne. It has been found that cosmetic products do not affect acne, but sometimes they do fuel acne production. To be on a safer side, refrain from make-up. Some products to help you on your way.

Note: In some rare cases you might have to undergo surgery to remove acne and it might scar your face too. So do not let matters get out of hand and choose your products wisely.

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