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The most delicate phase of life is infancy. In the starting whilethe babies rely only on breastfeeding, after certain time additional intake is needed. A baby requires food which is supremein quality. For the anxious mothers, organicfoods come to the rescue. In this heath conscious world, these foods have turned out to be a hit among masses.

What are organic foods?

These are the stuffs produced by organic farming. Put into simple terms, organic farming basically deals with growing eatables without the use of pesticides and fertilisers. In today’s health conscious world, organic foods have become the preferred choice.

Why organic food is good for infants?

Babies do not have a strong immune system. This makes them vulnerable to many diseases. In the initial stage of growing they need a nutritious and healthy diet. The conventional stuff produced is exposed to chemicals and is not suitable for babies. Organic baby foods are the best source of vitamins and minerals for the toddlers and following reasons make them an ideal intake options.

  • Minimal processing with industrial solvents and synthetic additives.
  • Processed organically.
  • Are soft and thus easily consumable by kids.
  • Are enriched with essential nutrients like DHA and omega-3.
  • Rich in dietary fibres.
  • Available in various flavours.

Feeding the baby

Taking care of the needs of the baby turns out to be a toughtask for mothers. Here are a few guidelines to feed your baby with nutritious baby organic food.

  • Consult your doctor

It is always safe to take an opinion from your doctor in case your baby is suffering from nutrition deficiency. He will guide you to select food intake suitable for the needs of your baby.

  • Taste change is a must

Your baby may get bored of eating the same flavours. Choose from the available baby care cereals

  • Baby’s needs are different

Growing babies do not have teeth and hence not able to chew tough items. Mothers should take care that they provide their babies with easily chewable food. Mixing cereals and fruits with warm milk can be a good option.

Varieties in organic foods

Organic baby supplements are available in many varieties and combinations which include

  • Wheat cereals

  • Rica and dal cereals
  • Fruit flavours in the above categories

It is paramount to cater to the needs of the baby in growing years. Organic baby     supplements ensure a healthy and sound life of your baby and helps develop a bond of love and care between you and the baby. For more products related to baby care visit.


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