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Are your mornings are full of body stiffness that is going progressively high with time? Or days are going uncomfortable due to unbearable pains in knees, wrists, arms, legs and other body parts? Then you have to be very alert and have to think about yourself. May be you are suffering from a severe joint disease. Yes, you are right! I am talking about Arthritis! Don’t feel panic. It can be controlled easily but you have to be very careful. Do you start your day with exercise or yoga regularly? But facing some problems like pains in joints while doing the exercise or with any yoga posture, then stop doing such steps as it could be a major reason for arthritis.

Arthritis is a disease that impels and makes one bounded to their home. Due to severe pain in joints one becomes immobile and unfit for continuously fluent work thus results in obesity. To get rid of obesity mostly people starts with exercise and yoga without knowing the particular postures that are suitable for them. By the thought of getting slim faster they adopt postures that make their condition worse. Adding some simple changes in their habit can control this disease to a high level. What are those steps? You can find them below.

Smart steps controlling arthritis

  • Choose a right tutor

It is one of the common reasons of becoming an arthritic patient. Practising yoga without a well trained person can make the condition more pathetic. So it’s better to do yoga under proper guidelines.

Note: Avoid doing the postures that increases the joint and muscles pain. To reduce the pain one can take help of herbal oils.

  • Adding up more nutritious diet into your habit.

By adding more nutrients in your daily routine can help you reducing the inflammations naturally that are caused in the joints.

  • Vitamin C: Products rich in Vitamin C helps in the maintenance of  collagen hence maintain the cartilage helps in reducing the risk of arthritis.

  • Omega-3 supplements: Omega-3 helps in reducing the inflammation hence reducing rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Boswellia : Use of resins of boswellia as an arthritis reducing agent was marked from long time back it also helps in inflammatory reduction.

  • Giving proper massage

 Giving proper massage to the joints and muscles using herbal oils can avoid serious strains and swelling of body parts worth preventing the risk of arthritis.


So, adding some simple and smart steps into your lifestyle and making them your habit can decrease the risk of this ugly disease called arthritis and can live a healthy, painless and mobile life. Click here for more herbal supplements and organic oils by JBN.


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