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What is Healthy Munching

A healthy diet with three proper nutritious meals is an overrated concept in today’s world. Science has been able to prove that the intake of food should be directly proportional to one’s metabolic rate. It is not only unhealthy but also foolish to believe that one diet works for all. Apart from the metabolic rate, our profession is also significant in devising a proper food chart. However, most of us tend to promote the three heavy meals at breakfast, lunch or dinner. There are also a few people who follow the breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper, trend. It is important to take note, that all these popular notions are untrue, i.e. There is no scientific claim to back these trends.

Most nutritionists agree that we must always eat according to our metabolic rate and there is no need to restrict ourselves to three heavy meals. This can be proven with the influx of healthy munchies into the market. well, munching snacks throughout the day is something that most of us are familiar with. But we also know that this kind of unhealthy snacking often leads to weight gain and subsequently other dangerous health issues. 

Which food qualifies as healthy munching options:

The next time you feel hungry in between the major meals, snack on some healthy munchies. These will not only curb your appetite but also prevent you from putting on unnecessary calories. Here’s a list of few food items you must munch on, if required:

  • Brown rice: This organic snack has recently garnered considerable attention thanks to the presence of fibres, which are considered as the lightest and healthiest source of nutrition. Fibre is also known as an excellent product for easy digestion and eliminating toxins. 

  • Organic honey: Honey in its purest form is a healthy substitute for sugar. The natural sweetener provides the body with sufficient amount of sugar to satisfy the energy levels. It is also helps in moderating weight due to comparatively lesser level of fat and calories.

  • Fruits and nuts: This includes a rather list of dry fruits like almonds, cashews, peanuts, pistas, raisins, walnuts and many other light snacks which contain essential nutrients. But it is important to note that these must always be consumed in small quantities since they are also filled with excessive amount of fats and salt. They provide instant energy and therefore qualify as healthy munchies. 

  • Berries and organic seeds: Regular intake of organic and raw berries and seeds provides a quick boost of energy. These include pumpkin seeds, blueberries and cranberries. They are known to contain proteins and essential nutrients that promotes good health.

Indulge in healthy munching, guilt free: Don’t worry, most of us are guilty of unhealthy snacking during odd hours. This is amusing, since we all claim to eat the most nutritious and edible food at the fixed meal hours of breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then why does the need arise to snack on titbits throughout the day. Essentially, there is nothing wrong with snacking! Since the amount of time and energy we require to complete tasks in today’s world is incredibly high, so is the need to keep our selves fuelled and recharged. However, complications arise when this unhealthy snacking leads us to put on unwarranted weight. 

Nutritionists claim that snacking on organic munchies can help us stay fit and active throughout the day. These healthy snacks are made from natural sources that are free of chemicals and preservatives. Some people say that munching food at odd times also leads to weight gain. But if you snack on the right food, you can satiate your hunger and dodge those calories that increase the weight as well. So next time you go for grocery shopping, remember to take this list along.


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