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For a very long time throughout our existence, we have known how vital the amount of vitamins and minerals are in our bodies. They may be required in small quantities, but they are the reason why other nutrients are held together and used properly by our body. So aren’t they simply a boon? They certainly are.

Any deficiency in the vitamins and minerals should be addressed quickly to avoid adverse effects. The various minerals that our body uses are:

  • Calcium
    our body is known to require a small amount of calcium daily. Most of the calcium consumed is stored in our bones and in our teeth. Calcium is also needed to build muscles, heart muscle and proper functioning of our digestive system as it is used in formation of cell membranes.
    A deficiency can put one in the risk of getting osteoporosis or general weakening of bones. Calcium therefore can be added to our diet through milk and green leafy vegetables.

  • Potassium
    It is one of the very important minerals required to sustain out body. With at least 2500mg a day, the potassium requirement can be fulfilled. It is needed so as to advance proper growth of our body and for the usage of carbohydrates. A deficiency may lead to hypertension, depression or may cause a rise in blood pressure. Garlic and radish are great sources of potassium, in addition to other vegetables.

  • Iron
    Iron is said to be a trace mineral but it certainly plays a vital role in the functionality of our body. Everyday a requirement of 10mg should be fulfilled. As we know most of the iron found in our body is stored in hemoglobin and the rest is found in spleen, bones and liver.
    Iron is responsible for converting blood sugar to energy. Iron can be found in eggs, olive, tomatoes and other such foods and supplements.

  • Magnesium
    Magnesium is a mineral that is very much needed by our body to maintain its health. Most pf the magnesium is stored in the bones and cells of the body. Magnesium works on the enzymes to adjust the electrolyte balance. Therefore magnesium is very important for the body. We can get magnesium by eating soy beans, dry fruits, and meat.
  • Vitamins
    There are a variety of vitamins that are needed by our body, such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Vitmain D. We need vitamin C to boost immunity and support body tissue growth etc. We need Vitamin A for to keep the bones strong, especially in the winters. We need Vitamin D because it supports the absorption of calcium or stimulate certain immune responses that protect us from colds and infections.

Therefore it is evident how big of a role vitamins and minerals place in our lives. But they are a boon because a small amount of each of them is all our body needs for proper functionality. For more supplements please check the products by Joy By Nature that can be used to further improve a healthy living.


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