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Are you a sweet lover? But you are afraid of eating sweets because of the incurable disease caused by it. Yeah, I am talking about “Diabetes”! By the thought of getting diabetic one can surely do that. But let me tell you something about diabetes of which mostly peoples are unaware of.  As we all know diabetes can only be controlled. One cannot reduce the risk of diabetes by just stop consuming sugar.  They have to add some little changes in their lifestyle to minimize the risk of getting diabetic. Now the question arises, what are the changes that must be introduced?

Diabetes is of three types. Type 1 is incurable, called juvenile onset or insulin- dependent diabetes. Type 2 can be easily prevented by certain steps, called adult onset diabetes. Type 3 is gestational diabetes; it is caused to pregnant women and vanishes after birth of the baby. So, type 2 diabetes can be prevented by controlling the obesity, eating healthy diet meals.


Simple steps must be added to reduce the risk

  • Weight control: This is one of the major reasons for getting diabetic. You can easily control your weight by adding more whole grain in your diet. Taking Herbal green tea every morning can also results in minimizing the risk of diabetes.

  •  Walking everyday: Walking at least half an hour everyone can give better results. Drinking a glass of lukewarm water by adding organic honey to it will be very beneficial in other ways too.
  •  Exercise daily: Exercising daily will be very helpful in keeping yourself fit, increasing your metabolism rate hence creating stress on muscles ultimately results in sugar absorption and use insulin which results in low diabetic risks.
Stick to specific diet
  •  Choose a healthy whole grain diet instead of carbohydrate: For preventing diabetes you should eat meals rich in whole grain. As we know that wholegrain meals helps in reducing the risk of diabetes while carbohydrate rich diet increases the risk.
  • Stop drinking sugar drinks and start tea: Drinking sugar drinks will be like inviting diabetes to your door. Hence, it should be strictly restricted. In place of that one can enjoy drinking herbal green tea  which comes in different flavours.

  • Say NO to Intoxication: If you take liquor or smoke, I must tell you that it would only make the condition worse. Avoid the consumption of these hazardous materials.
So, By following these simple steps you can easily prevent yourself getting diabetic and can live a healthy life ahead. And can eat your favourite sweet without any problem. Click here for more healthy and herbal products from JBN.


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