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 Do not lie to yourself!! At some point of time in our life we have all desired of having a perfectly toned body. Well making that a reality just got easy. By following a regular exercise regimen which is then complemented by a proper food regimen  you can convert your dream into reality. Some hard work and preparation is needed. But the end result is a sight to watch.

What exercises are good to tone your body parts?

  • Reverse Lunge: It is a great beginners exercise . A reverse lunge helps in toning your glute muscles, your hamstrings and also strengthening your quads.
  • Chest Flye: This exercise helps in molding your chest by burning away all the extra fat depositions over there, it also helps in sculpting your shoulders.
  • Squats: This is another exercise that is similar to the reverse lunge when it comes to target areas of action. It complements your reverse lunge by helping tone your glutes, hamstring and also strengthen your quads.
  • Biceps Curl: This is one of he most safest and best ways to get amazing biceps and that too fast. It initially helps burn away the loose fat while later on it helps in strengthening your biceps.

  •  Push Ups: This is an exercise all of us are familiar with. But the push up is not to be pushed over. When done in the right way push ups help strengthen as well tone your shoulders. Triceps, chest and abs.
  • Roll Up: It is a core body exercise that helps keep your core body fit that is your abs and abdomen. It helps burn a lot of calories at the same time. Plays an important role in removing belly fat.
  • Side Stretch: This is an amazing exercise that targets your side muscles that is your obliques. This helps increase your core body fitness as well your abdomen strength.
  • Threadmill/Jogging: The final exercise that could help burn calories throughout your body is jogging or running the threadmill. A half an hour session on the threadmill with varying speeds alternating between walking, speed walking and running goes a long way in increasing your stamina and burning calories.

The Nutrient Supplements To Supplement Your Exercise:

  • Vitamin C- Important in muscle blood flow, thus plays the vital role of muscle oxygen delivery.
  • Omega 3-It increases muscle blood flow, reduces muscle brakdown and inflammation.
  • Calcium- For strong bones and muscles and also for muscular contraction.
  • Vitamin D- Essential for the absorption of calcium as well as muscle growth and contraction
  • Magnesium- It helps maintain your heart beat rhythm at all times even during heavy exercise.
  • Vitamin E- A very powerful antioxidant to clean your body of free radicals.

By following this simple exercise and food formula you can get your dream body. To view our food supplement products visit.


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