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Infections and inflammation:

Infections and inflammation are co related. During an infection, the body biologically responds to any harmful viruses or pathogens. Inflammation is initiated by the body to prevent any cell and tissue damage and to initiate the tissue repair process. Infection can occur either due to pathogens or foreign bodies. Signs of inflammation include swelling, pain, redness and heat.

Anti- inflammatory foods:

To counter swelling and pain, it is necessary to consume anti-inflammatory foods. Natural foods go a long way in not just reducing inflammation, but also provide the body added nutrition. Some of these foods are:

  • Whole grains: Whole grains are always better than refined foods. Whole grains are said to be rich in fibre. This fibre content reduces the levels of the C-reactive protein in the body which is responsible for inflammation , thus controlling it. The fibre also enhances bowel movements and thus cures constipation and other digestive disorders. For those who are conscious of their weight, whole grains also promote weight loss.

  • Soy products: Natural soy products are a healthy way to effectively fight inflammation. Rich in nutrition, the isoflavones present in soy lowers CRP and inflammation levels especially in women. It is said to be a complete non-animal protein as it contains all the eight essential amino acids. Thus, soy also helps build muscle mass. Soy attacks the root cause of infections and allergies as it acts as an allergen.

  • Turmeric: Turmeric, a well-known spice in Asian cuisine helps curb the effect of the NF-kappa B protein which helps to regulate the immune system and which triggers inflammation. It is also said to reduce pain and swelling externally. Apart from this, turmeric monitors blood sugar levels in the body. At par with the modern medicine of today, turmeric improves brain health and memory.
    • Olive oil: Olive oil is heart healthy oil that has many health benefits. The compound oleocanthal which is present in olive oil acts as a painkiller to the body and also fights inflammation in the case of infections. Those who consume olive oil on a regular basis have a longer life expectancy, low cholesterol levels and are at a lower risk of contracting cancer. It is also rich in antioxidants which are beneficial to the body.

    Thus, all it takes are a few organic and natural foods to get rid of the pain of inflammation when your body is going through an infection. Always try to ensure that you take your food healthy and chemical free. This will help to maintain your immune system in top condition and fight infections effectively. Click here for more information regarding the matter.


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