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Food supplements and weight gain:

To overcome underweight problems and gain some mass and muscle, it is necessary to understand why you are underweight. There are many reasons for this. These include stress, eating disorders such as bulimia, anorexia or even hormonal disorders in the body. Hence, food supplements become a necessity in order to gain weight and stay healthy. However, gorging on foods such as cookies and chips that are rich in trans fat will lead to an unhealthy weight gain. Here are some natural food supplements that not only do the job, but also have zero side effects on the body.

  • Whole grains:

Whole grains are packed with nutrition that are extremely beneficial to the body. Rich in glucose, these provide energy and carbohydrates this ensuring that the protein in the body is used for building muscle mass.This in turn increases the overall weight of the body. Apart from this, they also have numerous other health benefits. They reduce the risk of chronic diseases and regulate the cholesterol levels in the body. Examples of whole grain foods include pasta, brown rice and whole grain bread.

  • Avocado:

Organic avocados are delicious green vegetables that are perfect to help you gain weight.Rich in calories, they contain healthy fats which help you build muscle mass. Avocados are said to have a high content of potassium and other essential vitamins required by the body. They are also rich in fiber which helps reduce the sugar content in blood. Apart from this, they reduce cataracts and other eye related disorders.

  • Dried fruits and nuts:

Dried fruits and nuts are an example that good things come in small packages. Essentially a high calorie snack, these provide not only the necessary nutrients to the body but also contain heart healthy fats and is thus a perfect food supplement to gain weight healthily. These regulate the proper functioning of crucial organs in the body. Nuts are said to enhance the functioning of the blood cells, hence curing anemia. Also, they keep heart diseases at bay by reducing the risk of any coronary disorders.

  • Pumpkin seeds:

Pumpkin seeds contribute in helping you gain weight to a large extent. They contain large amounts of essential minerals and even certain vitamins such as B complex. They also have other health benefits such as the ability to strengthen and heal your body, regulate your body metabolism levels, relieve stress and help you sleep well and reduce the risk of diseases such as cancer.

Thus, by including a few organic foods in your diet, you can increase your weight, the healthy way. But always be careful to choose organic supplement as they do not contain any kind of harmful chemical. Stay organic, stay healthy. Click here for more.


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