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After returning home, everyone need something to eat. This hunger is really unbearable. But wait, again the same cookie to eat which you are eating from last 3 days? Chuck it! Any one will get irritate eating the same food daily. You need to add something more to your baking skills so that your taste budget something new to taste. Baking has been always the perfect way to allure kids as well as adults and adding some dry fruits in it can be the cherry on cake. People usually complain about the regular cookies as they are very plain and do not taste good. So, the magical way to add taste in your cookie or food is by using dry fruits in it. Dry fruits are really healthy to eat.

There are some people who spend hours to remove dry fruits from their cookies. It’s strange to hear this one but it is true. But how can someone not like dry fruits? Baking is a talent which everyone do not possess. You have to be very perfect to make your food tasty and yummy. The flour, sugar, waterand fruits everything should be kept in accurate proportion to bake a perfect cookie or cake or anything. Many people even use dry fruits while baking cookies and cakes.

There are some ways to use dry fruits to compliment your baking:

  • Cookies: Cookies is one of the best way to please kids as well as adults. There are many ways to bake cookies. If you want to keep it in a healthy way, you can use walnut and honey mixture. Walnut colour, taste and quality makes it the best choice to add it in baking a cookie.

  • Pancakes: You can add dry fruits in fluffy pancakes to make it more tasty and healthy. Children usually avoid dry fruits but you can make them eat dry fruits like this. It adds different texture and taste in pancakes. Bake them up using dry fruits and strawberries on it.

  • Muffins: Are you hungry and want to eat something tasty? Muffins can be the one thing to kill your hunger easily and that too in a perfect way. We usually use blueberries to bake muffins. You can even add some dry fruits like cashews and almonds. Add them swiftly as dry fruits should not touch the bottom of pan while baking.

  • Smoothies: What people usually do while baking a smoothie is that they only use fruits and chocolate powder. Try to use dry fruits like almonds, raisins and cashews in it as it will make perfect and healthy smoothie. Even your children will like it.

 These are some perfect ways to add dry fruits while baking different things. Dry fruits really add a perfect taste in your baked food. You can click here to know more about other products.


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