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Everyone must have heard the saying, ‘Breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and Dine like a Pauper’. However, seldom do people follow it. People usually tend to feel hungry during lunch because they either skip their breakfast or have inadequate amount of the first meal of their day. Having regular breakfast not only caters to short term needs, but also helps you stay healthy in the long run. If you start selecting your breakfast menu for every day in advance, and if you make the right choices, you will start loving this meal.

Health and taste

The prime reason one eats is to stay healthy, but another reason which has gained more importance in present days is the taste of the food. To have a healthy and tasty breakfast, choose something like oats or corn-flakes or bread and peanut butter. This will help you gain energy and you will also develop a taste for it.

Necessary Liquids

It is always better to drink a juice, or tea, or milk after having your breakfast. Liquids help you prevent your throat from drying, and also in digestion of the food. Amla or Tulsi juices are very healthy for the body, and so are herbal teas. Although, if you are one among those who likes drinking milk, it is recommended to add a spoon of honey to it, which will give it a better taste and also serve as a source of your energy.

Go for Natural products

A valid reason which people give for not having breakfast is that it leads to indigestion at times. To avoid indigestion, it is always advisable to prefer natural products over other branded products. Ayurvedic and herbal products must be preferred over other products in the market. Everybody has different metabolism, thus a particular brand of food may not suit someone’s body type due to the ingredients used or preservatives added. However, products which have no added preservatives, not frozen and are organic suit majority of the body types, with only a few exceptions.

The best way to make breakfast your best meal is by having a light dinner. This will make you hungry at the right time in the morning, and the intake of nutritious food will act as an advantage throughout the day. Also, it is suggested by experts that breakfast must always be had within 2 hours of waking up. So, next time you sit to dine, remember you have your cereals and milk to grab the next morning! Eat breakfast, stay fittest. Click here for the best breakfast products.


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