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Some organic foods like garlic, orange, yogurt, milk, chicken, kiwi, salmon and spinach can improve your immune system.  Your body needs some protein, vitamin and carbohydrate from organic foods which shall affect your immune system as well as your digestive system also.

  1. Blueberries: it prevents many diseases and protects your immune system from any kind of virus infection. Blueberries are very popular as super food and they contain magnesium, vitamin C, fiber, potassium, and resveratrol. These organic ingredients help you to prevent any illness and maintain your strong immune system.
  2. Orange: it has been noticed that people suffering from illness drink orange juice. The only cause of this is Vitamin C. Orange has huge level of Vitamin C and it affects your white blood cells, and you can also have organic immune boosters( eventually for keeping healthy.
  3. Chicken soup: this is one of the most ancient remedies, and during the cooking of chicken, large amount of amino acid and cysteine are released, and it affects your respiratory system as well as your immune system also.
  4. Carrots: this vegetable is known as the antibody booster, and it protects your immune system through beta-carotene. Carrots stimulate the T-cells and they prevent any bacterial infection. Carrots also protect your skin and they can be taken as anti-ageing organic foods also.

  1. Garlic: garlic gives you a bad breath smell, when you chew it, but it has wonderful immune-boosting power. Garlic has an organic component called allicin which eliminates bacteria from your body, and saves your immune system from viral infections.
  2. Yogurt: if you want to protect your body from infection then, you must have yogurt on regular basis. Yogurt has a rich source of probiotics and it kills all bacteria from your consumed foods.

How does your immunity get destroyed?

 You must eat healthy a diet and have some super foods also, which can maintain your immune system. Along with that some food items can affect your immune system adversely, and you must avoid these foods carefully.

  • Fried foods: fried and junk foods destroy your immune system permanently. They increase you cholesterol level and you may suffer from heart attack and liver infection.
  • Soda: this sweetened drink kills your immune system because it does not have any beneficial component. Even diet soda is also very harmful for your body.
  • Processed foods: You can find the ingredient details on processed food packages, but they contain high level of artificial flavors and preservatives, which destroy your immune system.

  • Red meat: according to medical research, red meat contains natural sugar which affects your immune system and it can weaken your immune system.
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