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Absorption of essential minerals with the intake of food is important. For example you will not be absorbing much of the calcium which is in milk if you drink it with food consisting of eggs. This is due to the fact that iron present in eggs binds the calcium in the intestines and hence, limits its absorption.

It is for this reason that a supplement is important with fat-soluble vitamins to be taken before meals and the sensitive vitamins and minerals to be taken before going to bed.

Fish Oil

The omega-3 which is found in fish is very beneficial for the health, and though our body is capable of producing many vitamins and minerals, it is unable to make fish oil. Omega 3 has anti-inflammatory property, and increasing the intake of fish oil increases the good cholesterol HDL, improves metabolism, reduces triglycerides and risk of any heart disease, helps to recover from exercise and promotes nutrient absorption.

To make sufficient fish oil, our body will need a continuous supply of fish. This necessitates the use of supplements to ensure that our body gets the necessary omega 3. Choose supplements which have high levels of EPA and DHA.

Vitamin D

Another mineral which is most important for our body is vitamin D. Depression, low bone density, weight gain and poor absorption of nutrients have all been connected to low level of vitamin D in the body.

While sunlight is the most available source for natural synthesis of vitamin D by our body, it is not adequate during the cold winter months. Even when we go outside, we cover ourselves with sunscreen and clothing to protect us from the sunlight. Hence, a supplement of vitamin D is very essential for us.

Folic Acid (Folate)

Folate is important during pregnancy to decrease the risk of giving birth to a child with brain or spinal cord disorder. But, folate has numerous health benefits for both women as well as men.This essential B-vitamin improves the arterial blood flow which reduces the risks of heart disease and hypertension. So take supplements as Folate is also known to lower chances of contracting Alzheimer’s disease.


Iron supplements though not essential for all women are required by women who have low levels of iron during monthly menstruation. The all important iron helps in the transportation of oxygen to the brain, organs and the muscles. Low iron level in women results in fatigue, weakness and difficulty in concentration. Hence, supplementing the body with iron fortifies the body and makes it stronger.

Whey Protein

Though omega3 and vitamin D supplements are essential for our body, Whey protein is not a need for us. It is advisable to take Whey protein supplement as it has some exceptional benefits; it has a high content of branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) which is very essential for muscle building and also in muscle recovery. It is also a good source which can provide us with quality calories. These important health benefits make it an important supplement for us, especially for those who regularly go to the gym and are into physical activities.


Probiotics are essential supplements for our digestive system. The “good bacteria” in our digestive system have to be replenished and nourished for the benefit and good health of the digestive system and keep things in the gastrointestinal tract in balance, and taking Probiotics supplement ensures just that.This helps in reducing gas, abdominal pain, sense of bloating and also inflammation.

Though supplements cannot replace a healthy and balanced diet, they are essential for making up deficiencies in our diet. To learn more about supplements click here.


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