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Motherhood is a beautiful experience. It is a journey filled with happiness and anticipations that almost every woman goes through. There are hurdles she faces at this point of time, and the biggest one of them all is the morning sickness. Almost any smell or any scene can trigger this in a pregnant woman. Morning nauseais the most common difficulty faced by all pregnant women out there. Some of them face it even after delivery, but this mainly due to the difference that the body is undergoing. It is its way of adapting to the sudden change by relevelling the hormone levels. Thereby, resulting in morning sickness.

There are traditional and customary ways to keep morning sicknessand the nauseating feeling minimal. It starts with changing the food habits to the sleep cycle. At this point of time the mother should take care of her and must have a proper healthy diet. Ample and adequate amount of sleep is required. There are organic and natural ways to deal with morning sickness. Few of them are listed below.

  • Lemon: Including lemon in your diet is helpful. Lemon has always played an important role in controlling nausea. This can keep your morning sicknessunder control. So, if you start to feel sick, you can always suck on the peel of the lemon or just a slice of the lemon. Or even better have a glass of juice at that very minute. This has proved to be very helpful in keeping morning sicknessaway.
  • Ginger: Inclusive of ginger in the diet also helps to an extent. It can be consumed by boiling it along with the tea; having a ginger tea. Or applying ginger jam over a toast or just by including ginger in your salad or food. Ginger ale soda or ginger snaps if available are the best way to consume gingerto reduce morning sickness.
  • Peppermint tea: The fresh smell and the soothing taste of the tea can reduce morning sickness. It is the very effect of the tea that reduces the nausea in a pregnant woman. This healthy as well as it improves the blood circulation and in purifying the blood content.
  • Graham Crackers: Reduces morning sickness by a great gradient. They are not junk and they fill your stomach. Most of the times morning sickness is triggered due to the emptiness of the stomach. So on filling it with a light snack never did anyone harm.
  • Flavored Popsicles: Popsicles and ice creams are known for reducing migraines and sinus issues. Ice creams in general can help in reducing morning sickness. But Popsicles are preferred as they are light and easy to consume.

These are the few food materials that help in reducing morning sickness. Jell-O is also known for reducing morning sickness, but it is always better to stick to something natural and light. In case of nausea, going and tasting a sour item has always reduced the effect. For further information on maternal care click here.


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