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Our easiest way of doing away with headaches, mild or splitting is to run to the nearest drugstore for the over-the-counter painkillers. But, with these drugs loaded with chemicals, which are detrimental to our health in all possible ways, you need to look for alternatives that would take care of your headache as well as ensure that your health is also not affected in the long run.

Luckily, inexpensive home remedies present you with various methods to deal with your headache the natural way.


Ginger for Instant Relief

A quick relief from headaches is with the most common ingredient found in every kitchen – the ginger. It can effectively reduce the pain by reducing inflammation of your blood vessels. Ginger is a natural stimulant for digestion and can control nausea which accompanies migraines.

You can have ginger tea when you are having one of your headaches or mix an equal amount of ginger and lemon juice and drink it. You can also make ginger paste with water and apply it on your forehead for quick relief.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint contains menthol which maintains blood flow in your body. It’s refreshing fragrance helps to open the clogged blood vessels which are responsible for your headache. Breathe in the aroma of peppermint oil in a quiet room and feel your headache slipping away. You can also mix this oil with almond oil and massage your temples and the back of the neck. An alternative way to use this is to crush peppermint leaves and apply on your forehead.


Lavender Oil

Simply inhaling the sweet fragrance is enough to ease your headache. Put a few drops of lavender oil on a tissue and inhale it. Another way of using this oil during headache is to boil water, add lavender oil to it and inhale the steam. You can also mix lavender oil with almond oil or olive oil and massage your forehead with the mixture.


If you have a mild headache arising out of tensed muscles, then your best choice is basil, which is a muscle relaxant and hence, is effective on headaches caused by it. Boil basil leaves in water, add honey and sip the tea. You can also inhale the steam of the basil leaves boiling in water. For other ways to use the benefits of basil oil, mix basil oil with a base oil and gently massage your forehead with it.

Clove to Alleviate Headaches

Clove is known for its cooling as well as pain relieving properties and is an effective ingredient for dealing with headaches. Crush a few cloves, put them in a handkerchief and inhale it whenever you have a headache. Alternately, mix clove oil with coconut oil and sea salt and massage your temples and your forehead with it to get relief from your headache.


Use Ice Packs

Ice packs numb the pain and reduce the inflammation which is causing the headache. If you are suffering from migraine headache, apply a pack of ice at the back of your neck. A bag of frozen vegetables can also be used as a cold compress to help lessen the headache.


The Power of Yoga

Practicing yoga regularly reduces the chances of you having headaches. Yoga is a powerful combination of physical postures, breathing techniques and meditation, all of which go into stretching out your muscles and helping you to focus your mind and getting along without getting anxious with the day-to-day goals and deadlines.

So, the next time you feel your head exploding try one of the natural home remedies for relief. Click here for natural remedies to say goodbye to headaches.


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