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You might land up with sore muscles due to a variety of reasons – exercise, overuse or injury to it, dehydration and lack of minerals like magnesium, medication or blood flow problems. If your pain is severe, visit your health care professional. Else you can try some simple, inexpensive home remedies the next time you have sore muscles and are barely able to lift your arms and move your calves and quads.

Epsom Salt

Take a tub of warm water and dissolve a cup of Epsom salt into it. Soak yourself in the warm water tub till the water has cooled. Apply this therapy upto three times a week. Epsom salt contains magnesium sulfate and magnesium is a known muscle relaxant. The salt helps to pull out excess fluids from the tissues, thereby reducing the swelling. This therapy is not recommended for people with high blood pressure, diabetes or heart problems.


This herb has been used since ancient times to treat various ailments, one of them being muscle spasms. It has 36 flavnoids – compounds with anti-inflammatory properties. Massage chamomile essential oil onto your affected muscles for relief. You can also drink chamomile tea which also helps to relax sore muscles.

Cherry Juice

The high level of antioxidants in cherry juice has elevated it to becoming a hot super food. Anthocyanins, present in cherries, reduce inflammation and are very effective in relieving sore muscles. Cherry juice helps to fight muscle pain and inflammation that runners often face. Its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties help overworked muscles to relax and minimize post-run pain. So, add cherry juice to your post-workout diet to help your stressed muscles loosen up and ease your sore muscles.


Vitamin D

If you are one of those who are regularly affected by muscle spasms or pain then you might be vitamin D deficient. Fortify your vitamin D with eggs, milk and also fortified milk. You can also get vitamin D if you regularly expose yourself to sunlight.



Magnesium is essential as normal muscle and nerve functions are maintained by it. Deficiency in this mineral leads to muscle aches and cramps. Include foods which are rich in magnesium like molasses, pumpkin seeds, flaxseeds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, spinach, black beans, banana, legumes, brown rice and almonds.


Get Some Rest

If you find yourself with sore muscles, the most natural method would be to give it some rest and allow it to relax. Though a hot water bath will provide mild pain relief and relaxation, icing works better. Use crushed ice in a bag and, which speeds up healing and prevents additional muscle damage. Make sure you get enough sleep, plenty of fluids and allow your sore muscles to take a break.


Massage after Exercise

Deep tissue massage, after exercising, reduces soreness. This is because the massage increases the flow of blood to muscles and speeds up the process of removal of inflammatory chemicals which are responsible for soreness of the muscles. To get double benefit use any essential oils like basil, lavender, chamomile, helichrysum and peppermint. Start with the areas below and above the sore muscles and then move to the sore part of the muscle to help relieve the tension in the muscles.

Dealing with sore muscles does not have to be difficult. These home remedies will ensure that you have options to sooth your aching muscles. For more information on how to fix sore muscles click here.


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