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Obesity has repeatedly been linked to all sorts of health complications, such as, increased risk of heart attacks, problems with conception, asthma and so on. In fact, it has recently been polled as one of the prime factors in many common diseases.

The obvious questions we ask ourselves is how to lose weight, some of us adopting crash course diets and other varied routines involving extreme exercises. The other related concern is how to keep the weight off or at least balance and maintain an ideal weight. Here are some tips to maintain that ideal weight without any major lifestyle changes.

  • Swap starch with fiber: most dieticians will tell you to quit starch i.e. carbohydrates. That is not the ideal solution because you will only create an unhealthy craving pattern and the minute you start consuming your regular diet you will gain weight again. The trick is to replace it with fibers. Fibers are filling as well as nutritious. Unlike carbs which line your stomach lining, fibers scrub it out and reduce that bloating. Try fibers for a day to instantly feel the difference.

  • Drink cleansing herbal teas: Green Tea  is becoming increasingly popular cleansing as well as weight loss agents. While keeping helping cleanse your tummy it also helps keep your hunger at bay.

  • Take foods that help boost your metabolism: certain foods (such as spices, almonds) have been proven to help boost your metabolism. If your metabolism is sow (due to genetic reasons or obesity or both), you can also opt for supplements such as Garcinia Cambogia, which has been proven to boost metabolism.

  • Reduce Screen time: try to reduce the amount of time you spend on screens. Limit it to 2 hours a day. This is because most times we are lethargic is when we are in front of screens (such as television, computers etc.)

If your job requires you to spend hours at your laptop or computer, get up and walk to the loo or go get water every 15 minutes.

  • Don’t skip breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. By skipping it you are encouraging your body to have cravings throughout the day because you deprived it of essential energy right at the start.
  • Ensure that your digestion is perfect: do not neglect bowel irritation or indigestion . This causes you to have cravings or otherwise to starve yourself. It also causes water retention and bloating.

  • Drink more water: water helps flush out toxins and otherwise keeps your tummy feeling full. If you are dealing with those diet blues and cravings, load up on water!


 Very often simple lifestyle changes cause huge differences in maintaining a healthy weight. Follow these simple tips and see the results in your physique within days!

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