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A smile is considered to be a sign of pleasure, happiness and sociability. It is also one of the 6 primary facial expressions that is recognized by people of all races worldwide. Thus having and keeping the right smile is an important practice so as to maintain your self confidence and sociability. It has been inferred from research that people who have unhealthy crooked teeth or bleeding gums tend to not smile as they fear showing their oral problems. Thus the loss in smile function often deals a big blow on your self esteem. Therefore to always maintain your smile it is imperative that you follow some of these tips.

How to maintain your best asset?

  • Brush your teeth:

This may sound pretty obvious but brushing your teeth the correct way plays a huge role in keeping a healthy glowing set of white teeth. Brush your teeth twice a day preferably morning and before bed for at least 2 minutes. See to it that you brush the back, front and top of your teeth thoroughly.

  • Use indented toothbrush:

Majority of the times why you get a hidden cavity is because while brushing you don't care about the space in between 2 teeth. Thus by using indented toothbrushes you go a long way in preventing food and germ buildup between teeth.

  • Try flossing

It is one activity which many people skip. But to give your teeth the pampering it needs it is necessary that you floss at least 3-5 times  a week for at least 3 minutes. It helps remove food particles stuck in between teeth.

  • Notice signs of gum disease:

If you see blood while brushing your teeth or when you gargle then it means something is wrong and you better visit the doctor as its better safe than sorry.

  • Change your toothbrush:

It is in the best interests of your teeth that you change your toothbrush at least every 4 months as that is the maximum lifespan of your toothbrush. After this period their efficiency drops and there is almost no point in brushing.

  • Teeth whitening:

It is good to whiten your teeth once in 6 months as this helps remove all the discoloration caused to the teeth by beverages, smoking and colored foods.

  • Visit your dentist:

Yes, visit your dentist even if you don't have any visible tooth problems. A dentist is able to spot all those hidden cavities as well as prediagnose any irregularities in your oral hygiene or routine and thus prevent your teeth from serious damage.

  • Food:

It goes without saying, but stay away from very sugary foods as they tend to accelerate bacterial growth.  

Therefore to keep your smile healthy and to flaunt your pearly whites you have to keep your oral hygiene and following these simple tips. The organic products available on Joy By Nature will greatly help you on your mission to preserve your pearly whites.


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