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With the sudden increase in sedentary workers and 9 to 5 jobs that involves sitting behind a desk and typing away at the computer for hours on end, levels of our physical fitness have continuously been dipping as the years have progressed. Despite the number of gyms being set up in cities increasing day by day, with more and more qualified and talented personal trainers and nutritionists available both in the physical and virtual world, we still forgo our health for the sake of work and other duties. What many don’t realize that there are several health-related risks and diseases just waiting to hit you when you ignore your physical body in this way.

Among some of the few health risks, the most dangerous risks taken when ignoring your body is the highly increased risk of cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes – some of the world’s top killers of 2015.

In order to combat these, there are several steps that people can do, right within the safe and comforting confines of their very homes, so there really is no excuse to forgo these. The following are some of the easiest, simplest and best tried and tested exercises that are sure to work your body to its fullest:


Easy Exercises to Work Out:

  • Chair Dips: One of the easiest and most simple exercises to set up – all you need is a low chair or a little stool so that you can rest your arms on it, while you sit up straight, facing away from the bench. Start by first sitting on the chair, with your hands holding the chair, near your hips. Slowly move your rear end off the chair and onto the ground, while bending your elbows to 90 degrees. While keeping your back close to the chair, push your body back up to the top of the chair. Repeat this exercise enough and it should be a great workout for your torso and upper body strength.
  • Sit Ups: One of the most classic exercises around, a sit up is simply you laying down on the floor, with your knees bent. Keep your arms crossed in front of you, with opposite hands touching opposite sides of your head. Keeping your back ram rod straight, push off the floor by using your core muscles and touch your arms to your bent legs. With atleast 25 sit ups, one should feel his abdominal muslces straining.
  • Push Ups:  Another classic exercise that every man is desperate to attempt correctly, a push up is a test of core body strength. Begin by laying face down on the floor and having your hands near your shoulders. Keeping your spine straight and using your abdominal muslces, push your body off the floor and straight up, without arching your back or raising your body off the floor in segments. While this often looks easy, a proper push up is one of the hardest exercises to execute, and is a true test of upper body strength.
  • Plank: A more steady version of the push up, the plank is a test of the entire body’s core strength. Rest your entire body’s weight on the tips of your toes and your forearms, that are bent on the floor at 90s. Your spine should typically be parallel to the floor, with your arms at right angles. While this looks easy and rarely raises the heartbeat, it is a true test of endurance if you can continue a steady plank for more than five minutes.

In addition to all these at home workouts, you also have the option of visiting the nearest gym or even consulting an online physical therapist to find out better and more efficient ways to work your body, while you work your mind.


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