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The air around us is difficult to breathe. The pollution levels have risen to a point where the very air we need to sustain our lives has become the cause we’re facing health issues, particularly respiratory infections.

Unhealthy lifestyle can also cause problems like:

  • Asthma
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Emphysema
  • Dyspnea

If you’re a smoker then pay heed, if you’re not beware; most of the respiratory tract infections are caused due to smoking and/ or inhaling passive smoke!

Smoking also causes the deadly lung cancer. If you’re suffering from breathing problems and you’re a smoker, it is time to quit. Quitting smoking is hard and the nicotine gums available in the market only increase dependency. Quitting can be made easy by switching to alternatives like organic smokes ; this alternative method is dependency free, no nicotine present and is completely safe for the user and the people around them.

Asthma is a common ailment majority of us suffer from. Asthma is caused due to:

  • Pollution
  • Allergies
  • Infections
  • Smoking

Smokers who have asthma are at a greater risk of suffering from other related lung problems.

Whereas allergies also play a major role in triggering asthma. Pollens in the air cause irritation in the respiratory tract. A natural way to tackle allergies is by opting for organic capsules which keep your upper respiratory tract healthy.

Infections are also a major concern, we should strengthen our immunity especially during change of seasons we should be on high alert; this is the peak time when our immune system is susceptible to attack. Alternative methods to boost immunity are a good way to protect our immune system without any side effects!

Our hectic lifestyle compels us to skip meals, have unhealthy food which in turn causes acidity. Chronic acidity or acid reflux is known to cause a condition called gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). The stomach acid creeps into the esophagus and narrows it causing difficulty in breathing and swallowing.

  • Often it becomes so acute that surgery is required to widen the esophagus
  • To avoid surgery and allopathic medicines which have their own side effects, we need to keep a balanced diet. Using digestive foods taken after meals will help reduce the acidity.

Another remedy is to sleep in a position where your head is 3-4 inches above from the rest of your body. This allows the stomach acids to stay there.

  • Another way to keep up with our bust lives and still work on our health, we should consider taking supplements. Supplementing our diet makes up for the deficiency of minerals, if we have any. Minerals are essential to body as they aide in growth and repairing of damaged tissues, etc. In fact, supplementing your diet also increases your immunity. Also, supplementing your diet with Vitamin D3 is essential as it aides in proper functioning of our respiratory system.
  • Organic foods are gaining popularity among health conscious people. Studies have shown that non organic foods containing preservatives and additives cause various lung problems like asthma attacks, lung cancer, emphysema and chronic bronchitis. Choosing organically farmed vegetables and fruits , cereals and pulses can protect against such ailments.

A great way to get rid of infectious mucus and allergens is to cough! Coughing actually eases the stress on your lungs and rids the body of the infected mucus and / or allergens. A cough suppressant should be only taken when coughing causes shortness of breath, and if you want to avoid the sleeping effect of the suppressants, herbal cough drops or syrups are a wise choice.

We hesitate to opt allopathic medicines because we’re aware of the aftermath of it but luckily we aren’t out of options; going organic is the way to keep out body like the temple it is. So, let’s give our body the care it deserves and stay clear of these lung ailments.


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