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Right from their introduction in the field of ayurveda, right to the point of creating products for the general wellness of a person, natural herbshave always been the saviour of the day whatever the reason may be. According to several researches that have been conducted on this, it can be seen that the use of natural herbs for medicinal purposes seem to have a far better effect than the chemicals or the additives that are added to the medicines to boost their therapeutic values.

The natural herbs have been found to be effective in preventing and curing several ailments that can affect a normal person. It can be said that, the natural herbs are also considered to be medicines though they are able to show their effect even when consumed in small dosages when compared to the synthetic medicines.

Goodness of natural herbs

All the products having natural herbs contain the extracts of these natural herbs or have them as whole. All the natural herbs that are used for the medicinal purposes are completely organic and there is no use of chemicals to clean the herbs before it is added to the medicine mixture. One of the major plus point to the use of these herbal products is that, no one has ever reported any case of side effects after they started using these products.

With the rising concern for a good health among the people, everyone has now started to go ahead and choose any herbal product either for their daily drink, for skin care or for their hair. With repeated use of the product, people are now able to say that these natural herbs are proving to be more effective than their regular home care products that have some form of synthetic chemicals added to it for enriching the product.

Herbal products in daily life:

Generally the herbs that are commonly consumed orally or applied to the skin or the hair include,

  • Rosemary:Rich in anti-cancerous compounds
  • Turmeric: Helpful in skin care and maintains the brain functions
  • Basil leaves:Very good anti-depressant
  • Ginger: Helps in stomach related problems and prevents nausea

These common herbs are found generally in all of the herbal products and are easily available in the market everywhere. Many products are available in the market today but before purchasing any of these make sure that the product that is right in front of you is authentically a herbal product and not just a mimic.

  • Herbal drinks

Herbal drinks are devoid of the caffeine and thus safe to consume for regular consumption. These herbal drinks are made from the extracts of the natural herbs and do not have any synthetic additives to boost the colour. For instance, herbal teas are consumed by people who are currently on a diet and those who need anti-oxidant in their body.

  • Skin care

The entire natural and the organic skin care products that are available are made from the extracts of the herbal plants. These have the necessary phytochemicals for the enrichment of the skin and are free from chemicals. These help in removing the toxins from the skin, be it the face, hands or the entire body. Applying these products on the skin results in a brighter skin tone and keeps it smooth. They also serve as a good product for removing the black marks and pimples on the face.

  • Hair care

The natural herbs are gentle on the scalp and do not produce irritation on use. The hair care products that are available includes herbal shampoos and conditioners, shampoos for tackling dandruff and hair loss and herbal henna for hair colouring. Some of these products generally contain the extracts of hibiscus, which is any excellent choice of plant for hair care and has been used for ages. 

  • Foot care

Generally the skin care creams do not have much effect for the foot. Separate foot care products are available that are rich in these herbal extracts. These foot care creams help in removing any kind of cracked skin that one can usually find when they get older. Summer and winter creams for the foot are also available especially for people who are susceptible to getting muscular cramps easier than the others.

You can find all these herbal products on Joy by Nature. In the longer run, these organic and natural products help the people in living a happy life.


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