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Flu is one of the most common diseases being suffered by the common people. It is an easily transmitted disease which is characterised with a change in season or intake of unhealthy food items. People contract flu easily as it can be transmitted even through the air. Using the infected person’s personal things or coming in personal contact with that person leads to the deadly disease flu. This irritating flu makes it difficult to breathe even. Taking artificial medicines may subdue it for that time. Intake of proper healthy organic foods and capsules may even prevent it for a lifetime. Eating habits should be definitely changed in order to remain fit and fine. Avoiding junk and unnecessary food items is the right choice to be made. Eating green vegetables stimulates the immunity system to a great strength to fight with germs and infection causing bacteria. Intake of organic capsules increases the power of the immunity system, helps in prevention of viral fevers and has great medicinal properties regarding the cough, flue and cold.

Foods to be preferred during Flu

  • Spices

Flu is one of those diseases which can turn to severity from a mild fever. Therefore, it is highly important to cure it before it worsens. Spices are considered to be good for curing flu, cold and cough owing to the anti-oxidants present in them. Turmeric, cloves and cinnamon are some highly beneficial whole spices whose consumption can prove to be helpful during the flu. A teaspoon of the spices mixture can boost up the immunity system to a great level. Organic cloves can be taken in the powdered form either mixing it with water or in tea. It can be eaten raw too. This is really helpful in warding off the flu.

  • Garlic

Garlic is well-known for its pungent smell but that chemical compound which originates the pungency is helpful in warding off against the bacteria and viruses causing infection in our body. They are for their immunity boosting qualities. Consumption of garlic makes a person recover from the cold soon and is less likely to attract it. Garlic adds a yummy flavour to the dishes and thus makes a dish healthy. The intake of raw garlic twice a day is the best.

  • Green Tea

A hot cup of green tea is full of healthy ingredients which acts perfect anti-oxidants to fight the deadly flu and give our body a relaxed feeling. The different types of tea consist of white, black, green, oolong and pu-erh tea. All these varieties contain Catechins which acts against the free radicals thereby giving relief from the flu. The immunity is strengthened so that they prevent any bacteria and viruses to attach themselves against the cell wall to infect our body. Thus the green tea is a powerhouse of anti-oxidants guarding us against all infections.

  • Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits like oranges, strawberries, kiwi, red and yellow bell peppers or broccoli are rich in vitamin C which is great source to fight against the common cold and flu. These fruits are helpful for further boosting the immunity and purification of blood which prevents any infection in our body. Thus fruits are evergreen source to fight against deadly diseases and infections.

  • Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds sound a little weird but it is one of the best option to eat during the cold and flu. Many researchers have claimed that these pumpkin seeds contain high quantities of Zinc which are known to supress the cold and boost up the immunity as well. They are full of anti-oxidants due to the presence of Manganese and Vitamin E. Thus the pumpkin seeds act as a good protector against the flu.

There many other beneficial foods offering good and healthy ingredients to protect us from flu and cold. Thus it is our duty to look upon our choices and live a healthy life.


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