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The very common mistake the current generation people are doing is not understanding how things have to be done and why there are being done in the manner they are being done.

This has now become more prevalent in misunderstanding what the proper diet for athletes is. Well here’s the solution to this problem,

Performing at athletic best always starts with a proper diet. Getting the proper nutrition is essential for our body to operate at its peak capacity. The key is to eat a well-balanced diet which should and must contain carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and healthy fats. In addition, to the above an athlete will need to eat more than the average person but be sure to make healthy food choices for the best results.

Now that it has been understood that eating healthy is a must in order to perform like a pro athlete; here is a list of foods that needs to be included in our diet to make it a proper diet.

Load up on carbohydrates-

Eating healthy plays a significant role in how our body performs during any strenuous activity. Without an adequate amount of carbohydrates and fats in our diet, for instance, our muscles will not get the energy they need to perform at optimal levels so it is better to eat a snack and drink fluid every 15 to 20 minutes but keeping in mind that it is not during workouts. Sugar or flour is made of refined carbohydrates and they pass quickly into the bloodstream, thus giving a sudden burst of energy in our muscles.

The good old protein-

Unlike the carbohydrates, this does not provide a sudden burst of energy. But turns out an average person needs 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight a day.

Milk is one of the best in this business because it provides a good balance of protein and carbohydrates at the same time.

 Research shows that whey protein which a main element of milk is absorbed quickly and this can help speed recovery immediately after an event. Other elements of milk help ensure long-term recovery of muscle after a muscle tiring event. Milk which also has calcium is important for maintaining strong bones.

Even after all this protein and carbohydrate, the most important thing is to understand the meal frequency.

Meal frequency-

This is by far the most important thing in maintaining a proper diet because not only knowing what is to be eaten but knowing when to eat to what type of food is really important, because in the end, it all come to at what time we eat our food be it a full three course meal or even a chocolate chip cookie.


A proper diet which contains plenty of carbohydrates and protein is needed for breakfast. Some good food choices include fruit, oatmeal, whole-grain cereals, skim milk, eggs and for vegetarians in particular, soy products. Breakfast will help give energy right from the start of the day. It is always better to eat a small snack two to three hours after breakfast to keep your energy levels high.


Eating a low-calorie meal for lunch that consists of fruits and vegetables is the best option for a proper diet. A light chicken dish like a chicken salad may be a good choice as it full of vitamins and minerals and at the same time low in calories. The key at lunchtime is to maximize the amount of nutrients that is consumed while not going overboard on the calorie count. Eat a low-calorie snack in mid-afternoon.


The final meal of the day should be well-balanced one and so it must be  rich in protein, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins, and carbohydrates so chicken, green beans, whole-wheat bread or rice and a piece of fruit for dessert is not only filling but nutritional at the same time.

Training to be like an athlete is not in intense exercising but it lies in following a proper diet at all times. This might seem hard in the beginning, but once we get the hang of eating a proper diet at the proper time, it won’t be.


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