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Snoring is a common problem which can disrupt life for the snorer as well as their sleep partners and can also be disruptive to health if the snoring troubles are not dealt with on time. You can follow some easy tips to control your snoring and have a peaceful night of sleep.

  • Diet

Some foods have marginal effects on your snoring. On the one hand increasing certain food intakes, and on the other hand, avoiding certain other foods can all help you to overcome your snoring problems.

  • Avoid Cow’s milk

Those who have lactose sensitivity are susceptible to cow’s milk which in fact promotes snoring. This is due to the fact that cow’s milk contains special proteins which cause allergic reactions closing the nasal passages and inducing snoring. So, instead of drinking cow’s milk change over to another great alternative – soy milk and overcome your snoring troubles.

  • Take Honey

Honey has great antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties and has been used since ages for remedial purposes. Honey can reduce the swelling in your throat which is the main cause of your snoring. Taking honey before you go to bed is the most effective way to overcome your snoring troubles; honey will reduce the crowding around the area covering from your soft palate to your larynx and reduce the mucous and your snoring.

  • Switch over to Olive Oil

Saturated oils lead to acid reflux and snoring has been linked to acid refluxes, GERD, and NERD. The grease, contained in these oils, allows the acid, which stays normally in our stomach, to escape into the esophagus causing heartburn. This inflammation may reach the upper esophagus and induce snoring. Even though olive oil is anti-inflammatory with respect to our arteries and not to our nasal passages, there is a decrease in acid reflux once individuals switch over to olive oil or other non-animal fat oils like canola oil.

  • Avoid red meat

Although the association between red meat and snoring is controversial, it is believed that red meat induces snoring. Meat contains saturated fat and is inflammatory and causes minor spasms in your arteries. So cut down on your red meat for a week or two and see if it helps you with your snoring. At the same time, incorporate fish into your diet.

  • Include Tea

Tea decreases congestion and phlegm and is strongly connected to snoring. Mint tea, especially is very effective in reducing your snoring problems as mint is a decongestant. Black tea or chamomile tea taken with lemon and honey or green tea can also reduce congestion which leads to reducing your snoring.

  • Change Your Sleeping Position

When you sleep on your back, your tongue along with the soft palate, collapse to the back of your throat. This produces a vibrating sound when you sleep on your back. So, change your position and sleep on your side. Take the help of a body pillow, which is a full-length pillow which supports the entire body, to maintain a sideways sleeping position.

  • Keep Your Weight in Check

If you have recently gained weight and have started snoring, then your weight is the cause. Weight gain, especially around the neck, squeezes the throat and makes it more likely to collapse when you are sleeping and thereby promoting your snoring. So, reduce your weight.

  • Avoid Alcohol and Quit Smoking

Drinking alcohol especially before going to bed increases snoring as alcoholic beverages and sedatives decreases the resting tone of muscles which are situated at the back of your throat. Even those who do not have snoring troubles might end up snoring after taking alcohol.

Likewise, smoking blocks your airways due to the irritants in the throat and nose. This will ultimately induce snoring at night. Even secondhand smoking will produce the same affects.

  • Keep Your Nasal Passages Clear

To stop snoring, breathe in through your nose instead of through your mouth. For smooth breathing, your nasal passages have to be open and clear to enable air to flow in slowly. If the nasal passages are narrower, air will flow in faster and will cause you to snore. Take a warm water bath before going to bed or rub eucalyptus oil onto your pillow. Keep your nose clear if you are having an allergy with a nasal spray or antihistamine tablets.

Above all, exercise actively to normalize your sleeping pattern and keep yourself hydrated well. For those whose lives have been affected by snoring troubles, these diet and lifestyle tips can help you lead a life free of snoring.


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