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Most of us lead hectic lives today that leave no time for a healthy breakfast in the half asleep morning routine. All of us do know how important a healthy breakfast is but the sight of repetitive dishes on the table can be an appetiser killer. If you are someone who feels that making breakfast that is healthy and inviting is a nightmare, well worry no more. You are at the right spot. So, here is the guide to all busy bees who want to ensure a healthy and delicious breakfast for themselves and their loved ones. Take ideas from here and feel free to experiment and vary the ingredients at your own pace.

  • Cereals with Fresh Fruit

Regarded as a simple yet fairly healthy breakfast, cereals are what most of us start our mornings with. But with time, our taste buds tend to get accustomed and then bored to the taste of them even with milk or yoghurt. A solution would be to add freshly sliced pieces of fruit for a delightful experience. Be it apple, mango, strawberry or any other fruit, they are bound to make your cereals something to look forward to when the day begins. You can also go a step further and enjoy these with salads too.

  • Omelette Rolls with Nuts

Egg is a delicacy that will make your morning productive and thus happy. Instead of the conventional omelette with bread, you can add veggies and nuts and roll it up for a treat in the morning. Adding nuts like walnuts and almonds will not only make this roll addictive but also keep your brain charged all day. You can even add spreads and spices if you wish.

  • Creative Sandwiches

Sandwiches are quite a popular and favourite food, and here is how you can make them a favourite among your loved ones. Instead of the age-old sandwich types, try honey sandwiches, chutney or pickle sandwiches and lot more. You are free to add your ingredients according to your likes and preferences, and there we go, a brand new breakfast is ready. Kids will love variety in this regard and breakfast times will no longer be fussy and tearful. On the contrary, it will be a time when your family gets to bond over healthy and delicious food each and every day.

  • Bread Pizza

Yes, you did read it right, pizza need not necessarily be unhealthy all the time. Bread as the base, low-fat cheese and your favourite veggies can make a great healthy meal that you will love to indulge in during mornings. Nuts, fruits, you can add whatever you want to start your day with on a happy and delicious note. You can vary this dish according to your choices and enjoy it with a glass of fruit juice for that balanced yet delicious breakfast you have always been dreaming about.

This is just to give you an idea on how to start making creative breakfasts. The possibilities are endless if you have a creative mind and a motto to put healthy food on the table every morning. You can spice it up or sweeten it, depending on how you want to kick start your day. The best thing you can do for your body is to stock up on nutrition the organic way. So, when focussing on making breakfast innovative, don’t miss out on the organic and natural factor.


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