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Aromatic bath products are addictive and if they are soothing on the skin leaving it soft and hydrated then buyers find them hard to resist. Shower gels, creams, bath oils and bath salts can be used to enhance the natural beauty as long as it matches the skin type of the individual. For a spa like effect in the bathroom you can surround the bathtub with fragrant candles or have a bathroom freshener that is pleasing to the senses. Here are three of the most popular shower gel fragrances which will enliven your senses and keep any skin type fresh throughout the day.

Monton Brown – Rhubarb and Rose Bath and Shower Gel

This shower gel in an original of Molton Brown range of salons that opened across London during mid -1970’s and were a rage due to several skincare and grooming products that were sold under the brand exclusively from their stores. This particular shower gel with its milky consistency and thick foaming lather has a lingering perfume that lingers for several hours on the skin if you stay indoors. The wonderful shower gel cleanses and soothes the skin with an award winning formula and wraps the body in its sweet fruity fragrance. The combination of Rose and Rhubarb extracts keep the skin healthy and lock the moisture while Yuzu fruit and musk leave a heavenly scent on the skin.

Annick Goutal Fleurs Blanches Perfumed Shower Gel

This shower gel is meant for users that cannot bear strong perfumes and are of delicate predisposition. It contains a bouquet of soft fragrances like magnolia and jasmine that are combined with fresh scents of honeysuckle and gardenia. The combination of these natural scents in light creamy foam gently awakens skin in the morning with freshness of gardenia. Its smooth texture is gentle on the skin and needs to be just gently rubbed on after moistening with water to work up a rich lather. The shower gel also contains hawthorn extracts which softens skin while acacia blossom extracts tone and cleanse skin every day.

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Foaming Shower Gel

The delicate pink color and captivating fragrance of this product makes bathing a ritualistic affair making the user feel like pampered royalty. Its refined peach scent enraptures the senses while the caressing foam cleanses and moisturizes the skin with rich lather. Using this luxurious shower gel is the best way to start your skin care routine and keep it moisturized and glowing.

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