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The whole human body is made up of small and large muscles and every movement from shaking a limb to delicate facial expressions are governed by muscles. As these are constantly at work throughout the day there are chances of muscles getting overworked and experiencing stress. Muscle pain also referred to as myalgia can occur in any part of the human body which could be due to overworking the muscles in that region during work or regular exercise.

Muscle pain originates as a nagging persistent pain in a part of the body that does not go away easily and requires application of muscle relaxants and gentle massage to relieve the tension and pain. This type of pain should not be ignored as they can get aggravated and if muscle plain is not reduced by muscle relaxants then visiting a doctor is the best option.

Three common types of muscle pain are

Musculoskeletal Pain

There are different types of musculoskeletal pain that are caused by unnatural wear and tear of muscles during daily activities. Automobile accidents, sprains, bone dislocations and jerky movement due to fall can cause this form of pain. Sometimes wrong spinal alignments and wrong posture during sitting or standing can also lead to pain in areas that are stressed. Common symptoms of musculoskeletal pain are prolonged pain in the affected areas followed by redness, swelling and burning sensation in the affected muscles.

Muscle cramps – During this type of muscle problem the area around muscles become tender and stiff due to overuse and exercise. Sometimes this condition can lead to muscle pain and ache followed by fatigue and headaches. This type of intense pain can also occur due to infections like polio, flu and even malaria. Most muscle cramps are caused by sudden contraction of muscles leading to excruciating pain that makes it impossible to use the affected area. This problem can usually be treated with therapy and exercise at home.

Chronic Exertional compartment syndrome – Severe muscle pain can become chronic due to extensive exercise leading to pain and disability in muscles. This type of muscle plain is also referred to as systemic muscle pain as it is felt throughout the body and is common among athletes that have to exert their muscles with repetitive exercises and body movements. In this form of muscle pain there is tightness in the affected muscle followed by mixed feelings of numbness, aching and weakness. In extreme cases there is swelling due to muscle hernia.

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