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Body washes are considered more beneficial than regular soap as they are easy to lather up and wash off under the shower and have lingering fragrance. Though they are considerably expensive than regular soaps, body washes are made of plant extracts, water and sodium laureth sulfate so can be used for both skin and hair as shampoo. During manufacture of body wash creators usually add a fair amount of conditioning ingredients so that the skin does not get dry like soap and has pleasing fragrance. The best benefit of body washes is that they cleanse the skin and are available in different kinds of compositions so buyers can select the fragrances that suit their moods and skin type.

Moisturizing body wash for dry skin

Most body washes meant for dry skin are thick and creamy like body lotions and are available in categories like deep moisture, body nourishing and hydrating. Besides cleansing properties these body washes also moisturize the skin as they contain a high level of vegetable oils like soybean and sunflower. A few deep moisturizing ones contain glycerin and petroleum jelly to keep the skin soft and supple during winter months when even normal skin tends to get dry. Body wash products made for dry and sensitive skin from Dove, Nivea, Aveeno, Cetaphil and CeraVe are ideal skincare products if users apply body lotion immediately on damp skin after having a shower to replenish skin moisture.

Normal skin

Choose a body wash with cleanser that does not have lyle and does not cause dryness symptoms like itchiness or sensitiveness. People with normal skin type can use body wash with mild detergents and explosion of scents ranging between citrus, floral, spicy and several others. If you want to body wash with an extra dose of moisture then look for body washes with oil or petrolatum in the priority ingredients. Body washes with mild cleansers and invigorating perfumes should be used sparingly.

Body-wash for sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin should avoid all forms of artificial cleansing methods which have alkaline content in them. But body washes with natural ingredients like tea tree oil, pure vegetable extracts and in the form of clear, colorless, fragrance free solution are the most suitable. Skin specialists’ advice people with sensitive skin to use skin care products which are organic as these are devoid of preservatives. The non-soap cleansers are ideal for sensitive skin as they do not disturb body’s natural oil balance.

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