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People with a taste of good things in life that care about maintaining the quality of their skin use natural and organic products with limited chemicals. While body washes and shower gels help to cleanse skin, moisturize it and rejuvenate the senses, skin needs exfoliation to clear out dead skin cells and clear pores. For exfoliating skin and keeping it free of blemishes and blackheads body scrub with a mix of rough and soft ingredients should be used in combination with warm water to wash off the flakes and grime. Body exfoliation should not be done if the skin has got cuts, wounds or sunburn as that can aggravate skin issues.

Method of exfoliating with body scrub

Tools required – Exfoliating body scrub, loofah or light brush, body lotion and pumice stone.

First brush your body from forehead to toe with loofah or body brush to clear off dry skin and dirt before stepping into the shower or pouring water over the skin.

After a thorough scrub wash the body from head to toe with warm water that is as hot as you can bear. This will help clean up the pores and rejuvenating skin by washing away deposits of dirt and dead skin.

Clean calluses and rough skin patches on the feet with warm water and pumice stone and if they are very rough first soak them in warm water first before trying to clean them.

Apply the exfoliating scrub on a loofah or gloves and gently rub it all over the body in small and large circular motions from head to toe. Put a generous amount of body scrub on a soft brush with a long handle and exfoliate the back and other tough to reach places.

Remember not to scrub the body too roughly in the excitement to clean your skin and use gentle movements as that will leave marks on the skin and make it sensitive.

Exfoliating face

Be very careful about exfoliating the face and only use face exfoliating cream to clear this type of delicate skin. Face exfoliating cream is specially formulated for soft skin and should be used very gently for sensitive skin.

After cleansing your body with lukewarm water and drying up the body, rub moisturizing lotion all over the body and face. Always use body lotion and moisturizer with hydroxyl acids in the ingredients as that will continue to clear the dead skin cells. Usually exfoliation leads to dry skin so keeping it hydrated after bath is very essential.

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