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The feeling that you are going to be a dad is something that is simply unmatchable. The excitement, nervousness, and happiness also come with a lot of responsibilities for you. Right from keeping your partner healthy and being there for her emotionally and physically, to preparing yourself and your house to bring the baby home, you have a lot of work to put in.

Making Your Partner Feel Better

When pregnant, the woman’s body will undergo a multitude of changes and this may at times lead her to be uncomfortable and irritable. You can help her feel better by letting her rest and giving her relaxing massages. These will calm the stressed and tensed mind and muscles and leave her feeling happier and loved. You can opt for a variety of massage oils that are specially designed for pregnant women.Encourage her to talk about her feelings so that she doesn’t feel lonely. Also, take up the responsibility of cooking and other work that might tire her.

Healthy Diet for Your Pregnant Half

As a future dad, you have a great responsibility towards your child to give him or her nothing but the very best. The first step to this is to ensure that your partner eats healthy. Nuts, seeds, fruits, and vegetables must be essentially included in the diet for a happy and healthy child.

Quit Smoking

Smoking can be harmful even for the unborn child. Try as much as possible to quit smoking, else at the least keep it far away from your partner. Do not leave the cigarette butts lying around and do not offer her one either.

Preparing For the Birth

The day of the birth of your baby is going to change your life drastically and so it is important that you are ready for that. Try to read as much as possible about how the process of birth takes place. Handling a newborn is a delicate art that you will have to master. There are pre-delivery classes you can attend along with your partner so that both of you will know what to expect when the special day arrives.

Shopping For Your Little One

When it’s about time for your little bundle of joy to arrive in this world, you will have to be well prepared to welcome him or her home soon. You will be tired from the birthing process and hospital procedures that shopping for the basic necessities will not be quite possible. Stocking up on nursing aprons and diapers beforehand is a good idea.

Postpartum depression is a common occurrence and if your partner is a victim, try as much as possible to spend time with her, both with the baby and alone as well. Try to be involved as much as possible in taking care of the baby as nursing will tire your partner easily. Feeding your baby, playing and putting him or her to sleep ensure that you spend quality time and that greatly increases the bonding between the two of you.The journey will be fun and fulfilling once you decide to take a stand of your responsibilities. Happy parenting!


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