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Eggs play an important role in maintaining our diet. In fact, it can be considered as one of the nutrient enhancers amongst all the other options available. Due to unexplained myths being followed many of us prefer other nutritious supplements to eggs.

Consumption of eggs can through simply boiling the egg or cooking it in a water bath while the shell is still intact. Or making scrambled eggs or by making an omelet. Some may even prefer to consume it by adding it along in a protein shake or a smoothie. But of all the ways listed out, nothing can beat what a boiled egg can provide health wise. Boiled eggs deliver so many nutritious factors but they are overlooked by most of us.

Few of the points listed out will convey the marvels an egg can perform in our diet.

  • Tops the breakfast choice: We have heard of this saying, have breakfast like a king. A king’s breakfast platter never runs out of nutritious elements and enhancers. Yes, you have fruits and vegetables and bean varieties; at the end of the day egg tops the list. Not because of its nutrition content alone, but because of its ability to make the meal whole and complete. Egg tops the breakfast choice thereby playing an important role in our diet cycle. 
  • Helpful in weight loss: Those who are hell bent on following a stringent diet to maintain their size and shape, eggs are your new best friends. The myths about eggs not being helpful in weight loss is sheer nonsense. Since it has iron rich and vitamin rich nutrition present, it is helpful in losing weight. If you want to gain weight, you are looking at the wrong choice.
  • Prevents breast cancer: Yes, it decreases the chance of getting breast cancer. Especially, all thanks to the Choline present in the yolk which makes this possible. It is solely because of the magic spells casted by choline that the cancer issues are pushed out to the bay by 24%. As an adolescent, it is highly recommended to consume egg as it prevents the chances of getting diagnosed with cancer as an adult.
  • Eggs do not increase the cholesterol level in blood: The most commonly spoken myth about eggs is its high fat content. That is completely wrong. In fact they provide the best proteins and help in protecting the bones of our body. The fat content in an egg becomes harmful only when it is cooked the wrong way. Healthiest way of consumption of an egg would be by making a salad and adding this as a dressing or having a poached egg or the most commonly followed boiled egg.
  • Eggs promote brain health: One more reason for us to consider eggs as an important aspect in our diet. The choline content present in the yolk of the egg promotes the health of a human brain by 28%. Especially for pregnant women, choline becomes essential as the lactation cycles begin. So in order to prepare herself and keep herself healthy she can be asked to consume an egg instead of prescribing capsules. This will not be beneficial for the mother alone; even the fetus inside the uterus enjoys the perks.
  • Healthy Hair and nails: As eggs provide and promote the best quality of proteins, this also helps in promoting healthy hair and nails in an individual. They have a huge array of Sulphur-containing amino acids and a wide range of vitamins and minerals that promote healthy nails. As for hair, it is due to their richness in the vitamin B12 content which promotes healthy and silky hair.

The above discussion will definitely break all the myths and rumors carried out by people generation after generation. Be it about egg increasing the cholesterol level or be it about how it helps in adding weight; detailed study on the food opens up every soul’s eyes.

In order to have a healthy lifestyle, one must follow a healthy schedule. Schedule includes every single thing the person does in a day. Amongst such daily schedules, it is necessary for the person to follow a healthy diet. Include egg in your diet at least in one meal. You can start noticing the change in yourself.


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