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Milk, yoghurt, curd and various dairy products have always been considered being rich in calcium diet by convention. That is the truth and no one is going to deny that. Especially when you have delicious cheese you don’t really have a chance of missing out calcium intake in your system. But, what we overlook is that there are various other sources of calcium other than dairy products. By dairy products, one means the products solely taken out from cattle.

The problem arises when one is lactose intolerant. What is to be done? Fear not there are various other sources that deliver the same amount of calcium that milk delivers. Since milk and various other dairy products are available at ease and in a large quantity, it is the easiest and the most conventional way of getting calcium into the system. The following list or discussion is not oriented only towards a lactose intolerant person. The sources of calcium-rich food( that one can have are discussed in the following points.

  • Milk and dairy products: Milk has always been the go-to food in case of lack of calcium in one’s diet. If one does not fancy consuming milk, they can consider other options, such as curd or yoghurt or buttermilk or cheese. Especially cheese can be the easiest way to achieve the required calcium amount in an adolescent who does not fancy consuming milk. Or by making chocolate milkshake or converting the milk to delicious dishes so as to suit your needs. When it comes to curd, its vitamin aspect also gets enriched, such as Vitamin B12 that promotes healthy hair and skin.
  • Soy Products: Not as satisfactory as milk but they do deliver. These are considered as the best option for lactose intolerant people. Soy milk product can be consumed as tinned milk that is available in the market. It delivers sufficient calcium a body needs for smooth functioning. Further these can be converted to Tofu which is more or less similar to cottage cheese but completely done with soy milk. Consuming soy milk or tofu ensures that Calcium is delivered to the body. Although it is not as proficient as the dairy products, it is the next best thing when it comes to a calcium rich diet.
  • Dark Leafy greens: Well yes! These are a major source of Calcium especially kale. This can be the option considered by vegans and lactose intolerant people. Kale has the ability to deliver more calcium content than what a dairy product can provide. Depending on the way the leaves are cooked, it either enhances the calcium amount or deteriorates it.
  • Almond Milk or just Almonds: This can be considered as the last resort as it does not deliver calcium as efficiently as the other dairy products. Almonds can be consumed by soaking them in water over night and peeling the skin. Or you get canned almond milk in the market that can be used in preparation of various other eatables such as pie or cookies.

That’s the diet concentrated on calcium and delivered to the body in the most efficient and profound way. Since the knowledge is also gained as to which are various other calcium-rich diets, we can actively include all of these in parts to have a balanced diet. 


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