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Hair oils and other herbal substances are the safest, surest, and healthiest ways to prevent hair loss while simultaneously promoting better hair growth, shine, volume, and other factors that result in wonderful hair that look and feels amazing.

 It will take time, mind you. Hair does not grow like grass. Nurture it, take care of it, be a perfectionist at times but at others just de-stress and do not add to your burdens. Your hair will then grow the way you want it to.


  1. Is Herbal Henna Any Good For Hair Treatment?

One of the things we adore about henna is its effectiveness. You can see the results, and the results are guaranteed though they vary between different users and what they expect the herb to do for them.


  • Herbal Henna has long been used for hair growth and strand health treatments. It is no surprise that it is making a comeback here.
  • ‘Mehendi’ has proven to battle grey hairs and protect hair in general from the harsh effects of sun and dust.
  • Those who are especially sensitive to chemical reactions and/or are prone to allergies can rely on Henna to be gentle on their scalp while restoring the scalp’s acid-alkaline balance. Henna works from the very roots not just superficially.
  • Not only does it lock moisture onto hair strands, Henna also maintains nutrients and builds protective layers on strands.

 We can go on and on about Henna’s hair power, but we think it is best you experience the results for yourself via a quality product of your choice. Go only for natural selections, not any high-end brands that mention they use henna in the ingredients pool, and that’s that.

Organic Henna


  1. Will Simple Hair Oil Work For Me?

We do not know about simple, but the right hair oil can work wonders for your scalp and strands. When you buy hair oil, buy them in threes or fives. You need to progress the treatment, see if it works for you, and stretch it out over several months, in fact, in order to see reliable results. Oil works slowly, but it works nonetheless.


  • Root for herbal oils, much like ones you may find via Ayurvedic lanes. The most effective hair oils are found in this particular age-old practice.
  • Aside from deep scalp penetration, hair oil is designed to nourish strands from the root up. This means less thinning and baldness as the oil works from within the skin on the head; i.e., the scalp.
  • Such a simple and natural process promotes blood supply to the scalp and roots, opening room for hair liveliness and glow.
  • Any weak hair strands or limp locks will certainly benefit from the right hair oils.


Additionally these oils should not contain any harmful chemicals or toxins. Keep an eye out to see if they lack heavy metals, SLS, Paraben, Phthalates, or genetics-altering substances. As value for money and effectiveness go, hair oils are affordable and efficient hair treatment options worth considering.


natural hair oil for hair loss

  1. Is Balsam Oil Really All It’s Hyped Up To Be?

In addition to eliminating dead cells on the scalp, balsam is also known for its scalp cleansing properties.


  • Aside from what balsam can do as mentioned above, dandruff is greatly reduced too.
  • As a consequence, hair loss and scalp health are certain to be promoted.
  • Shine, gloss, and strength follow after.
  • Once a good anti-dandruff balsam oil is done with your scalp and hair you can rest easy and experience scratch-free days.

 Get balsam oil that is based on Ayurvedic foundations. The particular blend can, if the product has it, also hold quantities of fenugreek to nurture hair growth while ridding your scalp of dandruff. Some of these products come with camphor that is known to impart shine. You need to be aware of such balsam oil treatments these days; get value for money.


Ayurvedic Hair Oil



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