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Hair loss is a demoralizing experience for both men and women. Though studies have revealed that men are more prone to hair loss (male pattern baldness) women also suffer with almost similar risk of losing the beauty and volume of their luscious mane. While there is no one reason to this demotivating outcome many factors have been related to it. Don’t worry as every trigger has remedies to revert the change.

From temporary to prolonged, factors of all intensity can effect growth, texture and overall health of hair. Thinning of hair and hair fall are major cause of concern and with the following blog we try to understand the underlying cause and possible ways to boost hair growth. In the following blog we will be touching hair loss triggers in brief and majorly concentrating on herbal and home remedies to counter act the effect of these triggers.

Kill Stress to give life to your hair

Today’s lifestyle changes have lead to increase in stress that is a common trigger factor for hair loss. Both physical and emotional stress is bad for your hair.  Stress due to job, financial issues, married life or any other obvious or random reason leads to significant hair loss. Simple answer to this problem can be to avoid complexity. Stop complicating things and start enjoying simple joys of life. Staying happy is the best form of meditation in today’s hassled lifestyle. For counteracting the stress opt for yoga and physical workout routines like dance workouts or walking. All these add happy hormones to your system and help keep stress related hair fall at bay.

Physical stress like pregnancy can also lead to hair loss but this is temporary phase which should not be worried about. Enjoy your motherhood and your happiness will get doubled when you see you hair growing back in couple of months.

Hair loss can be diet related

Lack of protein especially for vegetarians can be a cause of hair loss because hair is a strand of protein.  This does not mean that you should transform into non vegetarians. Vegan and vegetarian diets also have plenty of protein rich options which should be carefully included in diet to do away with protein deficiency and related hair loss issues. While fish, egg and meat add to protein ratio of food for non-vegetarians; dairy products (milk, cheese, cottage cheese), beans and soya products (soymilk, tofu) etc. add the required protein for vegetarian diet. Similar hair loss pattern can be noticed in case of iron (Green veggies) and vitamin B (coloured veggies and fruits) deficiency as well.

Like lack of protein, overdose of vitamin A, especially for those consuming vitamin supplements can also be bad for hair growth. Hair loss can be affectively treated by manipulating the cause. For this reason, one needs to focus on their diet. Diet plays crucial role in promoting healthy hair. Be careful to have balanced diet, keep your body hydrated because dehydration results in fragility of hair strands and exercise well to ensure all nutrients are properly absorbed in the body with improved blood circulation.

Your hormones could be triggering hair loss

Usually for men, male pattern baldness is related to age based hormonal changes and gene makeup. In both cases receding hair line can be arrested by using topical or oral medications as suggested by your physician. You might also opt for hair grafting surgery based on your need of same.

In contrast to male pattern baldness in men, major turnover of hormones in women occur at the time of pregnancy, menopause or with use of oral contraceptives. Hair loss during this time reverts gradually when the body settles to the new hormone balance. If required specific treatment to help body adjust with hormone changes can be consumed upon consultation with your physician. Other physical condition leading to stress can be Thyroid disorder (specifically hypothyroidism); with this in mind get your counts checked periodically and consult doctor for apt medication. Again hair problems get resolved as your hormone level come back to normal scale.

With the above discussion of common triggers of hair loss you can identify the trigger of hair loss. Making relevant changes to your diet and lifestyle are the most effective ways to curb hair fall. Consult your doctor to find out the underlying cause of your poor hair growth and work on it dedicatedly for results.

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