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As winter is approaching and is almost all set, dermatologist clinics are also getting heavily populated by people having trouble with their skin. Almost everyone is unhappy with their skin except for ones having a really oily skin. The concept is pretty simple, with winter around, humidity levels plunge leaving the skin absolutely helpless and lifeless. If you used to think that blowers would help, then you need to re-think as blowers too rob the moisture from the air and leave the surroundings even drier. Try bathing oil, a simple and an economical idea of getting a soft and fresh skin. Let’s see how that can happen. Bathing oils generally contain the following constituents-



  • Almonds

These little dry fruits are wonderful sources of natural oil for the body. They contain two essential fatty acids for a healthy skin. They also contain antioxidants, vitamin E and a multitude of protective plant chemicals.

  • Lemon

Lemon is widely renowned for treating various skin problems and serves many beauty related benefits such as lightening the skin, evening out the skin tone, treating skin oil related problems and removing top layer of dead skin cells. It also provides freshness to the skin and can be used carefully on a daily basis.

  • Honey

This mellifluous liquid was one of Cleopatra’s secret for a beautiful and youthful skin. Honey as a lot of benefits for the skin that include anti-aging and reduction in wrinkles because of the presence of antioxidants, acne-treatment and prevention because of its anti-bacterial properties, opening up of skin pores, soothing and treating marks. All and all, honey is very versatile and safe to use on the skin. So go and grab Khadi Natural Lemon & Honey Bath Oil without Mineral Oil for that perfect and glowing skin

  • Lavender

With the best of smells that pleases the human senses, Lavender’s is not a mystery. Apart from the aroma that Lavender offers, it has various benefits for the skin and is worth using on a frequent basis. Lavender has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic features that help in letting your ache wash away leaving a clear and clean skin. It contains powerful anti-oxidants that help in treating the skin and fighting pollution. Besides all the above, Lavender helps heal burns and works as a great relaxant.

That was a small brief of all skin benefiting elements and using them would surely benefit your skin in the way that it direly needs in this season. And if you feel like trying some more, try Khadi Natural Rose & Geranium Massage Oil without Mineral Oil that keep the blood circulation going really well and even enhance it generally. Message oils also help keeping the hormones in check and improve their functioning as well.

Since nature has so much to offer us, we should try to take of that beauty and reap benefits every day. Stay natural, and stay happy with the many organic products available right here.

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