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As winters are approaching, your skin has started to become dull and dark. Going to a salon every time for treating winter skin can be an expensive affair. Moreover, similar benefits can be achieved at home with simple remedies. Sandalwood is one great ingredient, which is the answer to all your skin woes. It is surely a one-stop solution for skin problems like acne, tanning, dark circles and dryness. So let us take a look at a few sandalwood face packs, which will help you get a beautiful and glowing skin.

  1. Moisturizes Dry Skin

If you have a dry skin, this sandalwood pack is a must-try for you. This pack helps in maintaining the pH balance of the skin. All you need to do is mix around three spoons each of sandalwood oil and milk powder together. Now add a few drops of rose water to it.

Mix well and apply this concoction on your face and neck area. Allow it to dry and then, wash off with normal water after 20 minutes. Sandalwood oil and milk act as nourishing agents while rose water helps in toning the skin. Follow this procedure as a daily ritual to get a hydrated and glowing skin.

  1. For Getting Rid of Dark Circles

Dark circles just take away all the sheen you have on your beautiful face. They make an otherwise radiant skin look dull and patchy. To cure them, make a paste by mixing sandalwood powder and rose water together. Apply this on your dark circles before going to bed. Wash this paste off the next morning with normal water.

For Controlling Excess Production of Oil

Sandalwood is a great beauty product that suits all skin types. It is not only good for dry skin but also helps in hindering the process of excess oil production on an oily skin. So, take a look at this pack and get rid of your oily skin woes.

Take one spoon each of sandalwood powder and fuller’s earth (multani mitti) and mix them with some rose water to form a smooth paste. Apply this concoction on your face and neck area and then, allow it to dry. After about half an hour, rinse off with tap water. Repeat this procedure at least thrice a week to get a smooth and oil-free skin.

  1. For Curing Pimples and Acne

As we discussed above that sandalwood is great for oil skin. Since oily skin is prone to acne, sandalwood mask can be of great help. To make a pack, take one tablespoon each of sandalwood powder and turmeric powder. Mix these powders with rose water to get a fine paste. Apply this mixture on your pimple-prone skin. After 20 minutes, wash off with normal water.  This pack ensures quick relief from pimple and also prevents any further occurrence of acne. A daily application of this pack is a must for those suffering from severe acne breakouts.

  1. For Removing Sun Tan

Sandalwood also has skin lightening properties and therefore, it helpful in curing a sun tan. To use it, make a concoction by mixing four spoons of sandalwood powder paste and juice of half lemon. Apply it on your tanned skin and then allow it to dry. Later, wash off with tap water. This pack not only lightens your skin but also provides relief from itching and irritation.

  1. For a Radiant Skin

Since sandalwood possesses skin-lightening properties, it helps in attaining a radiant and fair complexion. Moreover, it works well on all skin types. All you need to do is use sandalwood oil in case of dry skin and sandalwood powder in case of oil skin. To make a pack, mix one tablespoon each of gram flour and sandalwood oil/powder together. Now add one teaspoon of turmeric and rose water to it. Mix well and then apply it on your face and neck area. Allow it to dry and later, rinse off well. Make this pack a regular ritual for getting a fair and glowing skin.

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