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Skipping the first meal of your day might be one of the most commonly found health disasters that most people make, even though they are very conscious about their health and well-being. Just going a step furth­er, skipping breakfast is the unhealthiest habit.Even though you may feel hungry, you may be tempted to skip it due to various reasons.You may feel hungry because your body usedup energy stores while you were sleeping and breakfast replenishes your body with energy and nutrients to keep you healthy and fit for the rest of the day.People whoeat breakfast daily are the ones who are more successful at losing weight and keeping off extra weight. It may be that, breakfast helps them eat normally for the rest of the day.

It is not necessary that you need to cook a full meal for taking a healthy breakfast. The main thing is that your body should get the essential nutrients, so that you get energy for the day. Regular breakfast also aids in lowering the risks of gaining extra weight or obesity .If you skip the first food, then how much you eat that day, you always will be having an empty feeling, making you indulge in more eating.It kick starts the metabolism to burn fatmore effectively and facilitates in achieving and maintainingappropriate body weight. When you feel less hungry, you may choose more appropriate and healthy snacks during the in between meal time too.

  1. Organic Juices: Raw vegetables and fruits in juice form are the very finest nourishment that can provide the body with both ample fluids and easily absorbable nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, antioxidants, phyto-nutrients, trace proteins and fats. The extracted juice consists of not only these essential nutrients, but also the energetic imprint and vibrational essence of the plant and its environment. Consuming organic fruit juices is an excellent way to rehydrate the body.As there is no digestion involved, you can quickly and easily assimilate thenutrients which helps in cleansing and detoxifying, nourishing and balancing to repair and maintain the entire body.Drinking organic juices daily for your breakfast helps in eliminating unhealthy habits, living a balanced lifestyle, and eating a healthy diet, thus promoting optimal health.

  1. Organic oatmeal: Oatmeal is prepared from oats, which is a type of cereal grain. The health benefits of oatmeal include a healthy heart, diabetes control, a reduction in hypertension, cancer prevention, and increased immunity. It also helps in losing weight and treating constipation. People suffering from celiac disorder can also consume a moderate amount of oats, since they are not wheat-based, despite having trace amounts of gluten. Consumption of oats and oat-based products will help prevent cardiovascular diseases. Unsalted oatmeal has been prescribed as one of the foods to be used to treat hypertension. Oatmeal is full of dietary fiber, and has a low amount of calories, which makes it ideal for regular consumption.


  1. Fresh fruits and vegetables: The taste of organic fruits and vegetables is often superior to any conventional produce. That's why many top restaurants use organic produce in their menu. Today, most fruits and veggies are manipulated to look and stay good but it will not be having any nutrients. The taste and quality of fresh organic fruits is irresistible.
  1. Organic green tea: Organic Green Tea which is a natural source of anti-oxidants and essential minerals is very helpful in treating a variety of diseases. The antioxidants neutralize the oxidants or free radicals present in the body and green tea is very rich in antioxidants. Green Tea boosts the strength of the immune system. Another powerful benefit of green tea is that its astringent properties trigger contractions in muscles and tissues, while toning up muscles and skin.
  1. Organic Olive oil: The health benefits of organic olive oil include treatment for colon, breast cancer, diabetes, heart problems, arthritis, high cholesterol, weight loss, metabolism, digestion, aging and cancer. Olive oil has been used by mankind for many centuries. It is a staple ingredient for many culinary preparations and also serves a variety of medicinal purposes. Medical studies suggest that olive oil is loaded with health benefits. It helps in lowering the bad cholesterol level in our blood, as it is rich in monounsaturated fats.

  1. Organic lentils: The health benefits of lentils include high protein content, improved digestion, a healthy heart, diabetes control, control of cancer, weight loss, a solution for anemia, and better electrolytic activity due to potassium. It is good for pregnant women, the prevention of atherosclerosis, and it helps in maintaining a healthy nervous system. India has the largest number of vegetarians and lentils can be a substitute for meat in supplying the required protein. They are a good source of dietary fiber and also have a low amount of calories. Other nutritious components found are molybdenum, folate, tryptophan, manganese, iron, phosphorous, copper, vitamin B1, and potassium.

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