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It is a frustrating and often times a highly inconvenient thing to get a sore throat. Before you hop to the nearest pharmacy and choose something you may have seen in an advertisement, think again. Homemade recipes using organic ingredients are not just safer they also provide long-term health and relief as compared to ‘quick fixes’ that leave you coming back for more.

From breathing in pollutants, experiencing dry air and allergies, to ailments like chickenpox, croup, flu, cold, measles, and so on sore throat can come from several different sources and have multiple causes. You will be surprised just how average bacterial infections are when it comes to influencing sore throat.

Let us see all the natural ways you can alleviate or cure sore throat, so you can get back to life.

  1. Honey

Whether you take it as it is or add a couple of teaspoons to tea (green or black), this natural substance works miracles (for lack of a more ‘scientific’ word) against sore throats. Honey improves voice tone as well, because of how efficiently it clears the throat of ‘clutter’ and keeps things ‘smooth as honey’.

  • Even with studies it has been found that children with upper respiratory conditions received honey as their treatment and showed remarkable reduction in nighttime coughing as when they were subjected to cold suppressant medication.
  • Not only can honey soothe sore throats it also speeds up healing, meaning you will not feel sore for long. Often your throat will still feel ‘down’ after the main symtoms of soreness have come and gone. Honey heals it up fast.
  • This question has been asked several times, ‘Is honey more effective than cough medicine?’It is leagues better.

Bear in mind that coughing itself is not a bad thing, it is your body’s natural way to clear mucus from the airway. As long as the ‘medicine’ being used, in this case honey, is effective the coughs will go away in time.

  1. Licorice Root

Do not assume sore throats are any less painful than other ailments. If you have not had one yourself or simply cannot remember what it felt like, it can be a throbbing ache that gets worse over time.

  • One of the most ancient sources of sore throat cures is root from the licorice (or liqorice) plant.
  • Mix it with some warm water and gargle everyday. That is the recommended treatment.
  • Not only have studies shown that licorice root can competently soothe sore throats, they have also proven to reduce strenuous coughing following certain surgical procedures.
  • Suffice to say even doctors recommend it.

If you make tea using licorice root, you have yourself a simple sore throat remedy that works better than most high-end medication. In the offchance that you do not like tea, especially one that could be as intense as licorice (not always but there are times when it can be) then go for the sticks themselves.

There are several ways to take licorice root. To learn more, go here.

  1. Salt Water

Few things can beat this bad boy among sore throat cures. Gargling with warm water that contains some rock salt in it can go a long way to speeding up your body’s natural fight-back functions.

  • The salt content helps break down secretions in your throat lining. In so doing it kills the bacteria trying to multiply in your throat, which will have otherwise led to a much sorer throat.
  • Not only is salt known for its anti-viral and infection-ridding properties, it reduces swelling in your throat while keeping the airway clean.

This age-old remedy is one of the top choices when it comes to sore throat alleviation, and we could not say no to adding it on our list. To learn more, go here.



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