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Lemon tea is filled with the goodness of lemons which are rich in Vitamin C and citric acid. Further to the strong action of Vitamin C in fighting all kinds of infections including viral and bacterial afflictions, it also has the capacity to boost immune powers and provides a rich source of calcium, pectin and bioflavonoids when consumed regularly.

The best Way to Prepare Lemon Tea

Lemon tea is best taken with warm water, although hot water works equally best to prepare a great cup of tea with the anti-ageing benefits of lemon tea. With warm water, which is closest to our body temperature, we are able to get maximum benefit from the goodness of a cup of Lemon tea.

While traditionally lemon tea was prepared with fresh lime or lemon, organic instant Lemon tea, available in the market today is the best way to extract the vitamins and bioflavonoids of pure lemon instantly.

How Does Lemon Tea Benefit the Body in a Holistic Style

Lemon tea is a great way to start the day, by consuming it with fresh warm water to cleanse and hydrate the digestive tract, clear the skin, build immune balance and heal the body holistically. There are a number of ways lemon cleanses the whole system and the action of Lemon tea is a lot

 different from any other detoxifying liquid.

The first action of Lemon tea on the body, when taken first thing in the morning, is to hydrate the body which is in a state of fasting in the early hours of the morning. The starvation that results from this kind of dehydration can result in ageing of the entire system and can make us feel constipated, stressed or exhausted. Lemon tea works within minutes of consuming it and replenishes fluids that were lost during your night sleep. In this way, it gives our bodies lot of energy and vibrancy and makes us feel extremely active throughout the day.


Lemon tea also creates an alkaline environment in the stomach when it enters the body and helps dislodge toxins that have settled in the stomach for a long time. Overtime, Lemon tea is also able to help get rid of toxins naturally. Besides this detoxifying action of Lemon tea on the human system, it also forces the body to release toxic fluids like the action of a diuretic.

Lemon tea as an alkaline detoxifier also balances and boosts the functioning of the immune system, with the help of antioxidants and the Vitamin C present in it and sets up natural defenses against disease. High levels of potassium in Lemon tea are beneficial for the brain and nervous system and can control blood pressure very well. Lemon tea also has the ability to control inflammation, similar to most immune boosting natural organic substances and can curb respiratory problems.


The PH balancing action of lemon for the entire body freshens the breath, helps eradicate the disease from all systems of the body by neutralizing acids, which cause pain and inflammation in all organ systems, skin, bones and joints. Lemon tea also acts as a breath freshener and helps heal teeth and gums in addition to promoting overall healing in a natural and quick way.


Overall, Lemon tea is a great way to create an uplifting feeling in our mood by boosting fluid content in the body, creating the right amount of alkalinity to fight disease and boosting our immune system as well as introducing the desired antioxidants in the human body to create an overall youthful feeling and naturally inducing weight loss and detoxification. This effect of Lemon tea heals the human system gradually in a holistic way and creates an environment where the body is able to separate toxins from all systems and hence restore normal function.

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