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Organic red rice like black rice and brown rice is a wholesome dietary choice. The outer protective coat of red rice grain is left untouched and is filled with vitamins, minerals and fibres. With organic red rice, you can take advantage of the benefit of the grain to the fullest which otherwise due to excessive grinding, flaking or processing most rice products tend to lose their natural benefits as it reaches the market. Organic red rice is free from fertilisers and pesticides.Red Rice like brown rice or white rice is a superb source of energy. You can surprise your taste bud with its earthy natural goodness and also any recipe made with this distinct dark red hue rice is a treat to the eye.

Organic Red Rice for a change

The Himalayan red rice is an indigenous red rice variety grown in the rain prone areas of the Himalayas. The Kumaon Himalayas support the growth of these unique rice variety in plenty. Also, there is short-grain Bhutanese Himalayan red rice version and other red rice types cultivated in various parts of the South Asian region. Organic red rice varieties are chemical-free, aromatic, nourishing, delicious, nutritious and perfectly natural. Therefore, it surely is the latest entry into your list of items you definitely should have in your kitchen.


Organic Red Rice to keep diseases at bay

Organic red rice is rich in antioxidant such as proanthocyanidins. Antioxidant contents in organic red rice help fight free radicals and aid the body in keeping away diseases such as diabetes, diverticulitis, high blood pressure or hypertension. Rice variety including organic red rice helps in building muscle cells, enhances the iron content in the body which in turn allows greater transport of oxygen and blood quality of the person and so, it should be made a part of one’s daily diet. It keeps one away from constipation, inflammation, cancers, and migraine improves bowel movement and prevents anaemia too.

Organic red rice has high bran content and retains all beneficial properties in the grain. Rice as such is the finest source of carbohydrates and organic red rice is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates. The Russet hued organic red rice is a super-food filled with minerals and vitamins. High zinc content in red rice quickens healing and allows the healthy function of the immune system. Considered as fat-free it helps in preventing heart diseases and other lifestyle disease like obesity, diabetes and so on. Rice of any colour are rich in vitamin B. Vitamin B6 present in organic red rice betters the quality of blood.  Organic red rice decreases the presence of bad cholesterol level and increases the level of good cholesterol in the body.


Organic red rice recipes

Popularly known as the rice with a deep rosy hue in the chef’s table organic red rice can be an exotic menu for any occasion.  One can apply any rice cooking techniques and prepare rice recipes with red rice. Organic red rice can be used to make a number of Indian rice recipes be it poha for healthy breakfast or rice fry, pulao, biryani, etc. for lunch or dinner.Long-grain red rice compared to short-grain red rice may consume a little longer time to cook.

Also, you can try a number of your favourite recipes with organic red rice such as:

  • Organic red rice pudding
  • Organic red rice salad
  • Organic red rice croquettes
  • Organic red rice vegan patties
  • Organic red rice smoothies etc.

You can spice up your cooking the organic red rice recipes with fruits, vegetables, milk, egg, chicken, cheese, etc. Cooking and eating fresh organic red rice recipes can be a game-changer to your lifestyle as it brings the perfect combination of natural goodness and luxury of enjoying exotic food at home in your own style of cooking and choice of ingredients.  

Organic red rice has fine texture. Some red rice variety are soft and nutty while some others are firm and chewy.Filled with natural health benefits organic red rice is rich in fibre content, essential, fatty acids, nutrients and antioxidants. For brown rice lovers, organic red rice can be the perfect substitute to brown rice.

For more information on health benefits of organic red rice, click here.


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