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Gulping a cup of green tea as morning beverage or having it as a digestion enhancer post meals or acknowledging its golden colour and strong taste in evening party, whatever be the way you are including green tea in your daily diet be assured of its benefits. Cold or hot this coloured, wearied tasting liquid is complete package of wellness for mind as well as body. In the following blog we will categorise our discussion in two parts titled as below:

  • Green tea benefits for mind
  • Green tea benefits for body

Before starting with our discussion, here is an important fact to give your more confidence in your cuppa of green tea. Chinese people prefer to have their alcohol served with iced green tea. Unfermented tea leaves served hot, cold or ice cold can never harm you but instead offer wellness in hoards and tonnes of ways. Let’s start with mind related benefits regular green tea consumers experience.

  • Green tea is stuffed with just the right concentration of caffeine and thus it stimulates the mind. Kick giving or activating action of green tea makes it a healthy replacement of coffee and also tea.
  • Stress relieving effect of green tea has also been tested and proved. Consuming four or more cups of green daily can alleviate your stress levels, relax the mind and give feeling of calmness everyone desires and deserves.
  • Including green tea in your daily diet can help improve mental fragility. In elderly, catechin polyphenols and amino acids present in green tea have been tested to lower the chances of developing disorders like Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s.
  • L-theanine present in green tea crosses blood brain barrier easily and aids brain functioning in many ways. With positive effects on cognitive function of the brain, green tea is also being considered to cure disorders like dementia.

So green tea boost overall working potential of the brain and also helps lower stress levels thus further adding to brain functioning.

Green tea benefits body health in more than one ways.

  • Weight loss is one very popular use of green tea or one which has made green tea very popular among weight watchers. It supresses appetite and thus helps avoid aver eating. Another good trait of this beverage is it helps lower bad cholesterol and thus brings down total cholesterol values significantly with time. Other than above two another weight loss aiding role of green tea is seen in its effectivity in burning fat.
  • Besides lowering stress, green tea lowers blood pressure and oxidative stress in the body. The liquid is thus boon for those suffering from high blood pressure.
  • The high amounts of EGCG (catechin polyphenol) present in green tea helps avoid any kind of damage to arteries or vessels pumping from the heart. Thus mortality due to cardiovascular reasons like stroke, thrombosis, arteriosclerosis etc. can be reduced with regular consumption of green tea.
  • Abundance of antioxidants in green tea benefits the skin which is the largest organ of our body. It helps reduce onset of skin aging by counteracting with degenerative effect of free radicals in the skin.
  • Chronic inflammation or proteins promoting such inflammatory reactions are down regulated by biologically active components of green tea. Thus, its role in protecting against development of cancer like that of breast or ovarian cancer has also been tested and proved.
  • Other benefits include, protection against type 2 diabetes, increasing oral hygiene and healthy, protection of vision and avoid onset of osteoporosis (some studies already done).


Green tea is a cup full of life, in short. It aids functioning of all body systems and organs in some way or other. Drinking is miraculous liquid helps you gain what you might have never though in terms of health. But be conscious of selecting green tea from trusted brands to ensure your cup does not get burden of un-intentional pollutants or other sub-standard components in it.

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