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Benefits of Pickles and chutneys

Pickles are a great source of probiotics, which help our digestive system and immune system. Studies have revealed that probiotics can fight and prevent colon cancer. The other benefits of probiotics are they prevent you from the risk of metabolic syndromes, nervous systems by relieving headache, fatigue, inflammation. The presence of these healthy bacteria formed due to fermentation can absorb more nutrients from the food that you consume.

However, most of the commercially produced pickles use intense heat and pressure, which destroys most of their nutrients. Therefore, it is a sensible choice to either prepare your own pickles and chutneys or buy organic pickles and organic chutneys. These organic pickles and organic chutneys are prepared with organic ingredients like apple cider vinegar, organic spices and vegetables grown in organic farms. They are a great source of added nutrients since they contain no harmful preservatives or artificial flavoring agents. 

Here are some of the common chutneys and pickles that can spice up your diet

  1. Lime Pickle- This is one of the most common pickles made in every Indian household. The key ingredient is lime or lemon, which is a great source of Vitamin C that is essential for preventing skin related problems. Lime ferments with various spices and lots of oil to make this great companion of meals.

  1. Garlic Pickle- Garlic is a super food. It is low on calories while very rich in Vitamins such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B6 and manganese. Garlic consists of properties that can easily reduce common flu and cold. No wonder garlic is such an essential ingredient when it comes to pickle. Garlic pickles are again prepared with oil, spices and a lot of love. The organic ones are more beneficial due to the use of organic ingredients.

  1. Mango Chutney- Another name given to mango is the King of fruits. Therefore, when it comes to chutneys, one of the most favorite choices of Indian palette is mango. Mangoes contain compounds like quercetin, isoquercitrin, astragalin and Gallic acid that make them a great weapon against cancer. In addition, the presence of Vitamin C and high level of fiber and pectin helps to lower the bad cholesterol level in body. Thus, prepare mango chutney as a companion for the meals to ensure the health of your family.

  1. Pear saffron chutney- Saffron is one of the most expensive spices available in the world. The world is aware of the medicinal benefit of saffron. Saffron contains plant-derived compounds that contain anti-oxidant and health promoting properties. No wonder it is a jewel of Indian kitchen. Every Indian household makes proper use of this jewel. Moreover, when it comes to chutneys this fragrant spice along with pear create the most exotic partner for your sumptuous meals.

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