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Agreed that there are food supplements to easily combat the problem of poor nutrition and they promise quick results but they are not definitely good for you in the long run. Natural ways of adding nutritious and organic food to your diet is the best way to ensure that your body is fed with the nutrients that it requires. After years of living on junk food and crash diets, most of us might this diet hard to adapt to, but then at the end of the day the struggles will truly be worth it. Your body will be happy and your immunity will be sky rocketing.


  • Proteins

Proteins are considered to be the building block of any tissue and aid in growth and development of the human body. They are found in dals and pulses, meat, eggs, nuts, milk and many such products. Protein deficiency could lead to stunted growth or improper development of the human body among many other health issues. In fact, babies require lots of protein that they derive from the milk they feed upon.


  • Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are a basic form of food that the body requires and from which it derives energy and stamina. Good sources of carbohydrates include rice, atta and many vegetables with starch content. Carbohydrates are placed at the end of the pyramid of the balanced diet and meals usually contain this nutrient as the base one.


  • Fats

Healthy fats are essential for proper functioning of the human body. Fried foods and related dishes are unhealthy fats that do nothing but flatter you taste buds and add extra calories. Healthy fats on the other hand like edible seeds and olive oil help you function better and keep you energetic and active throughout the day. Fish and avocados are also excellent sources of good fat for your body.


  • Vitamins and Minerals

These are required only in small quantities but without them a host of problems can pop up and that can affect your beauty as well. Potassium, folic acid and different categories of vitamins are required. Eat lots of fresh and juicy fruits and vegetables. Salads, juices and shakes are ways to incorporate these into your diet without the feeling of blandness or boredom. Researchers say that people who eat generous amounts of fruits and vegetables are less at risk from being affected by chronic diseases than those who do not.


  • Calcium

It has been drilled into us from early childhood days that drinking milk is quite important. Well in fact it is. Calcium helps strengthen bones and teeth and is widely found in dairy products. A good dose of calcium when you are young will help keep your bones strong and healthy as you age. It is also essential to help blood clot and enhance functioning of the nerves.

These are some of the essential groups of nutrients that the human body requires. With a consciously tailored diet woven around the lifestyle and preferences, you can help your body glow with health and happiness. Apart from these, drink a lot of water and fluids. Exercise regularly and you will be thankful that you did so a few years down the lane.


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